K Naomi reveals she suffered minor depression in 2018

K Naomi has opened up about how she was able to fight her minor depression.

Taking to her Twitter, the star stated that in 2018, she found out that she was depressed.

This is coming after a tweep shared that she had suffered depression and post-natal depression.

The tweep also shared that she takes medication for my anxiety when it flares up

“Thank you for sharing. I am Melanie Bala and I’ve suffered from depression, and post-natal depression. I take medication for my anxiety when it flares up. Let’s destigmatise”

Responding to this, K Naomi shared her own experience but she chose not to take medications because she was too scared to be reliant on them.

The actress stated that although she is still suffering from anxiety but her therapist and family have been really supportive.

K Naomi tweeted: “Thank you for sharing. I am K Naomi Noinyane and in 2018 I found out I had minor depression but chose not to take meds because I was to scared to be reliant on them. I do although still suffer from anxiety… A therapist and my supportive family are my coping mechanisms”

See tweet below:

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