Kaitlyn Lawes Partner Stephan Vigier Is A Hockey Player From Notre Dame

Kaitlyn Lawes accomplice Stephan Vigier is an ice hockey player from Canada. Stephan is right now playing for Lillehammer IK.

The 33-year-old Canadian curling iron ended the quiet and uncovered that she is anticipating her most memorable kid with the Los Angeles Rulers player. She went on Instagram a couple of months prior in August and reported that she is pregnant and the child is expected this December.

Starting around 2017, Kaitlyn and Stephan have been dating, and in December 2020, the pair were locked in. Presently very nearly two years after their commitment, the games couple will be guardians interestingly.

Kaitlyn Lawes Accomplice Stephan Vigier Is An Ice Hockey Player Kaitlyn Lawes accomplice Stephan Vigier plays hockey for Lillehammer IK who recently played for Stavanger Oilers. Vigier is a Canadian expert ice hockey player from Notre Lady de Lourdes, Manitoba. He was born on January 4, 1990, and is 32 years of age.He played in the middle position and was a first round pick in the 2005 MJHL Minor Draft. Swan Valley Stampeders chose him in the beginning of his vocation.

Stephan played at the Stampeders for two seasons (from 2006 to 2008) in his tenderfoot years in 64 matches. Be that as it may, inside a short time frame at the club, he had the option to exhibit his abilities and capacity.

In 2008, Stephan procured three MJHL Tenderfoot of the Month grants, was named to the MJHL Freshman Top pick Group, and was named the MJHL Player of the Year by the Canadian Junior Hockey Association.

In 2010, Vigier jumped at his vocation as he appeared in the NCAA ice hockey association with Northern Michigan College. He was focused on the club for a long time, from 2010 to 2014.

Then he joined South Carolina Stingrays and played in ECHL for a season prior to moving to San Antonio Frenzy borrowed for the 2014-15 season. Vigier moved to the Norwegian association and finished paperwork for Lillehammer IK in 2016.

Vigier joined Stavanger Oilers for the 2018-19 season. He played 48 groups with the Oilers and scored 17 objectives with 27 helps.

He got back to Lillehammer the accompanying season prior to joining Los Angeles Rulers in the Public Hockey Association (NHL).

Kaitlyn And Stephan Relationship Timetable Kaitlyn and Stephan’s begun dating from the year 2017.

The twice Olympic gold award victor Lawes shared the very first image of her and Stephan on Instagram in August 2017.

Vigier played in Norway with Lillehammer in 2017, and Lawes would once in a while visit him during his games when she was off her games. She posted photographs of herself and Stephan skating on a lake in Lillehammer, Norway, in December of that very year, alongside pictures of her buddies. In February 2018, on Valentine’s Day, Lawes was in Gangneung-si, South Korea, for the Colder time of year Olympics with Stephan. A couple of months after the 2018 Winter Olympics, Lawes and Vigier went on a vacation close to a riverside where they delighted in fishing, sailing, swimming, and oar boarding. Also, in December 2018, the couple went to Venice, Italy, to observe Christmas. “Merry Christmas from us insane children. Having some good times investigating and eating our strategy for getting around Venice,” the Canadian curling iron wrote on her Instagram.

Reason #478 why Canadians are the best. Gold medal winners John Morris and Kaitlyn Lawes brought ice cold Molson Canadian to our set in S. Korea so that we could celebrate with them. pic.twitter.com/607iJhz9dQ

— Dan O’Toole (@dangotoole) February 14, 2018

Lawes returned to Norway to go to one of Stephen’s ice hockey games in June 2019. She shared a fix of two holding hockey sticks in the arena of Lillehammer IK.

On Stephen Vigier’s 30th birthday celebration, Lawes transferred a long subtitled post on Instagram with many pictures separated from their relationship memory vault.

The couple got connected on December 16, 2020. Kaitlyn imparted an image to him where she was showing a wedding band. She credited she was the most fortunate and most joyful young lady on the planet.

The people in love reported they were expecting a child in August when Lawes was in the 23rd seven day stretch of pregnancy. They stayed quiet about it the entire time. Be that as it may, as the child knock develops bigger, it turns out to be difficult to hold it away from plain view.

Likewise, a month prior, in November, she posted a close to home video of her affection life from the beginning to the pregnancy. She was in the 35th week, and the child is supposed to show up before the expected time December.

Stephan Vigier Is Instagram Private Stephan has kept his Instagram account hidden. Vigier, the Canadian ice hockey player for Lillehammer, has more than 1.5K devotees on his Instagram @svigier40 and 71 posts. His profile states, “Notre Lady de Lourdes, Manitoba/Los Angeles Rulers”. In the initial segment of his profile, Notre Lady is where he was born in 1990. Then again, his perfect partner Kaitlyn was born and brought up in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Vigier joined the NHL side Los Angeles Rulers after he left from Lillehammer. Many contemplates whether Stephan is connected with a previous expert ice hockey conservative, J. P. Vigier. The response is yes. He is the cousin of NHL legend J. P. Vigier.

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