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Kwesta – “Leroy was not responsible for paying royalties”

Kwesta returned to social media on Friday to clear the confusion on Leroy’s role at RapLyf record label.

On Thursday, social media was boiling with discussions about Kwesta, Nota, Makwa and DJ Maphorisa, over unpaid royalties.

In series of tweets, the rapper tried explaining that he didn’t rob anyone, but there might be possibility that he’s owing some persons for their contribution on his old album.

He also stated that Leroy handled the finances of the record label back then, which got people calling him out to answer to complaints on royalties.

Taking to Twitter this Friday, the father of two said Leroy isn’t responsible for paying royalties. He also said he signed the split sheets given to him by Nota.

“I pray this will be my very last tweet about this. Leroy was NOT responsible for paying any royalties to any artists and producers as they did not come in through RapLyf. Also I signed the split sheets as handed to me by Nota. Peace and Love. Iyasinda lento.”

This drama seem unending!

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