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Lamiez opens up about sister who’s dyslexic

Lamiez Holworthy opens up about her sister who was dyslexic.

The DJ was triggered to share a story, after a Twitter user said she will like to host a show that will deal with problems most learners have.

“I wanna host a space where we discuss learners with learning barriers and how parents can assist them at home to overcome that but what if in the middle of it all I wanna talk about boys and smoke hub?” Tweep says.

Lamiez who was in sync with the talk said her late dad found out her sis was dyslexic after observing her struggles.

“This is so important because it is almost unheard of in most government schools. Took my late father noticing that my sister wouldn’t read and instead memorised books(she’d always insist that we read first) for us to see that she’s dyslexic. In GRADE 4!”


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