Lasizwe blurs new boyfriends face – Fans react

Lasizwe Dambuza repeats the act of blurring his boyfriends face, as he does it with his new partner.

The comedian recently announced he is in a new romantic relationship, after experience a huge heartbreak in February.

Following the announcement, the YouTuber shared photos of his new boyfriend, but guess what? As expected, he blurred his face.

Looking at the new guy’s hand, it’s obvious that his new boyfriend is a white guy.

However, most persons are shocked that he repeated the “blurring of face” game, as it didn’t save him from heartbreak in the past.

“If I post my partner today and again tomorrow, and you notice that they are not the same, please don’t make your problems mine,” he captioned photos.

Reactions be like:

“Lasizwe and hiding peoples faces in posts.”

“They will huuuuuurrrrddd you.

“Tell him that he must behave. Not like the other one.”


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