Lasizwe is heartbroken after crush tied the knot

Lasizwe’s love life is gradually becoming a form of entertainment to South Africans, as he’s keeps dishing different gist about his situation.

Taking to Twitter this Tuesday, the young man revealed that his crush is married, and it breaks his heart, but he wishes him good in his marriage.

“He got married! I wish him all the best in his marriage. There goes my crush,” he said.

The YouTuber has been quite opened about his love life, from split to being deceived by a former boyfriend and now his crush has tied the knot.

We don’t mean to say Lasizwe is unlucky, but he surely has more work to do, despite saying that his love life is known of people’s business.

The comedian revealed in April that he has a new boyfriend few weeks after ending a bad relationship.

Afterwards, he went on a lunch date with Mr Smeg, which got South Africans talking.

As it is now, Lasizwe’s love life tends to be confusing.

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