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Masechaba Khumalo speaks on balancing her work and parenting

Masechaba Khumalo opens up on how she’s been able to balance her life as a career woman and a mother.

In early 2020, the TV and Radio personality was appointed as the spokesperson for Minister of Sports, Arts and Culture Nathi Mthethwa.

She mostly on the road, from one event to the other.

Taking to Instagram, she reveals how she’s being able to balance these two sides of hers.

“The most frequently asked question is how I ‘balance’ my work and personal life, particularly being a single mother and juggling a demanding career. There is no singular answer to that question.”

“Maintain an honest relationship with your kids and make any time quality time. I take them along on my journey whenever I can, in the hopes that the values that I am pouring into society, they might absorb as well. They may not understand the significance of this moment today but hopefully one day it will all make sense,” she added.

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