Matt McTighe And His Wife Jessica Leigh Mctighe Has A Son And A Daughter

Matt McTighe wife Jessica Leigh McTighe is a professional ballerina. Matt married Jessica on January 1, 2008.

Matt is a famous American actor raised in the streets of Martinez, California, USA. He was born on September 12, 1979

He is well known for his roles in Bosch: Legacy (2022), The Rookie: Feds (2022), and Bosch (2014). He was also an actor for Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

McTighe also worked as an active Award-Winning theatre company Pacific Resident Theatre member. The Theatre was located in Venice, CA.

Besides acting, he wrote the novel ” Hella a Novel.” Matt took part in the final theatre competition at Kenedy Center ACTF Iren.

With 1039 followers and 1440 followings, Matt is active on his Instagram as @mattmctigheofficial. His bio says, “Artist in the trenches. Husband to a Saint. Father of two Knuckleheads. Dispenser of shenanigans.”

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– Matt Wife Jessica Is A Professional Ballerina
– Matt And Jessica Married Life
– They Are Parents Of A Two Children

Matt Wife Jessica Is A Professional Ballerina

Matt McTighe wife Jessica Leigh McTighe was born in Cleveland, Ohio. Matt and Jessica have been together for 14 years.

Throughout her childhood, Jessica loved all sports but got attracted to ballerinas due to her love for pink tights and pointe shoes.

Jessica has studied ballet, pointe, and Jazz. She won many titles in regional and national dance competitions throughout Ohio, Newyork, and Virginia.

She completed her bachelor’s in Arts, Administration, and Dance Concentration at Butler University and debuted as a professional dancer with Dance Kaleidoscope.

Dance Kaleidoscope is a dance academy owned by Debbie Stark, also known for its world-class performance in athleticism.

Jessica had to take care of her health as a professional ballerina dancer. Pilates was used as a measure for injury prevention.

Later she shockingly had to retire from dancing due to her severe injury. After that, Jessica started working as a Los Angeles pilates instructor.

Her injury didn’t stop her from teaching other people to be healthy and maintain a beautiful body. Her dedication to dancing makes that possible, and she feels blessed for her decision to help others for making their successful transformation possible.

As a professional ballerina and a pilates instructor, she also teaches her daughter in her dancing career.

Besides being a successful ballerina, she is the best mother and a good housewife. Jessica always boosts her children on their work as encouragement by participating in their events at their school, cheering them up from the Stands.

Jessica is also active on her Instagram by the name @msmctizz. She often shares her children’s achievements and moments on her account well as family photos.

Matt And Jessica Married Life

Matt and Jessica are enjoying a happily well-settled life with their children. They got married on New Year’s day.

Although Matt and Jessica belong to different fields of Art, their love and care for each other helped them to be together today.

The couple is settled in Burbank, California, USA, where they work. They have two children, a son, and a daughter, alongside their pet, “Cali.”

They have been together for almost 15 years, and she recently shared a beautiful photo of her with her husband on Instagram, wishing Matt a “Happy Anniversary.”

The duo has another member named Cali, a dog who has been with them for almost 11 years. Jessica shared a photo of Cali on her 11th birthday providing new toys and claiming to be their loyal protector.

Jessica and her husband attended a school event where their daughter Maeve performed excellently. She praised her daughter for being strong on the stage, saying, ” We get more nervous than she does! So proud of you, Maevey girl.”

Matt’s partner often shares her festival celebrations with her family, grandmother, and loyal dog. Jessica posted a picture of her family during a Christmas celebration, all wearing red dresses and tuning up with each other.

They Are Parents Of A Two Children

Matt and Jessica are parents of two children, a son and a daughter. Their name is Morrison McTighe and Maeve Ashland McTighe.

The couple frequently shares their images on their Instagram handle.

Son Morrison was born on September 18, 2017, whereas their daughter Maeve was born on July 26, 2014. Morrison is five years old, and Maeve is 8 years old.

Both children studied in kindergarten School. Maeve is in third grade, and Morrison is in Pre-k grade.

Jessica shares her children’s activities on her Instagram regularly. Recently she posted a video of her daughter selling BS cookies, requesting her viewers to order her daughter’s cookies on her Instagram.

As a pilates instructor, Jessica teaches her children how to be healthy and strong. She was seen teaching her daughter dancing steps as she posted a photo with the caption, “Be still my dancer’s heart.”

Children are all over her Instagram posts as Jessica loves sharing her children’s precious reactions and activities to keep them praised.

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