Matt Stonie Net Worth: Career And Lifestyle

American YouTuber Matt Stonie’s net worth is $3 million.

On his YouTube channel, he is best known among fans for competitive eating, especially doing various food challenges.

Likewise, Matt’s YouTube channel has reached almost 15.5 million subscribers as of this writing.

Similarly, his total video view count has reached more than 3.1 billion.

Also, Matt’s other food challenges include McDonald’s full meal challenge, Mr. Beast’s full menu challenge, World’s largest burger-eating, 10,000 fries eating challenges, and many more.

Also, he is known for his regular food challenge updates on his YouTube channel.

His real name is Matthew Kai Stonie, and he has gained a large fan base through his unique and engaging challenges. Matt, also known as Megatoad, has uploaded 398 videos on his YouTube channel.

Besides, the American-based YouTuber mainly engages his career on YouTube but has further career choices.

Now, let us dive into the loved YouTube personality Matt Stonie’s net worth and how he spends his multi-million dollar fortune.

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– Matt Stonie | Quick Facts
– Matt Stonie | Net Worth and Income
– Matt Stonie Net Worth in Different Currencies
– Matt Stonie | Houses & Cars
– Houses
– Cars
– Matt Stonie | Lifestyle and Vacations
– Lifestyle
– Vacations
– Matt Stonie | Charity
– Matt Stonie | YouTube & Eating Competitions
– Matt Stonie | Career
– Three Facts About Matt Stonie
– FAQs
– What is Matt Stonie’s favorite food?
– Is Matt Stonie The World’s Fastest Eater?
– How rich is Matt Stonie?

Matt Stonie | Quick Facts

Let us have a look at Matt Stonie’s life.

Full Name Matthew Kai Stonie
Nickname Megatoad, Matt
Net Worth $3 – $9.3 Million
Date of Birth 24 May 1992
Age 30 Years Old
Birth Place San Jose, California, United States
Nationality American
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Height 5’8″ ( 173 cm)
Weight 61 kg (134 lbs)
Shoe Size 8 (US)
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Dark Brown
Occupation YouTuber, Competitive eater, Television Producer
Father’s Name Dorian Stonie
Mother’s Name Cathy Stonie
Siblings 1
Sibling Name Morgan Stonie
Marital Status Unmarried
Spouse/ Partner Mei (2018 – present)
Sexual Orientation Straight
Children Not Yet
Ethnicity Mixed (Japanese-Czechoslovakian-Lithuanian)
Education Mission College
Genre Speed/ Competitive eating, Challenges
Competitions Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest
YouTube channels Matt Stonie, Stonie Gaming, Stonie Shorts
Years Active 2012–Present
Social Media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
Merch Matt Stonie, Matt Stonie Merch
Last Updated December 2022

Matt Stonie | Net Worth and Income

YouTuber Matt Stonie’s net worth sits at $3 million as of December 2022.

He made his million-dollar fortune mainly from his YouTube career.

Likewise, his main YouTube channel has nearly 15.5 million subscribers and averages 3.1 million daily views. Matt Stonie’s salary is estimated at $20,000 daily, which he earns from daily views count and the ads and promotion on his videos.

Similarly, according to Social Blade, Matt ranks 125th for the most popular content creator in his home country America. Also, he is in the 109th position in entertainment ranking channels.

You can check out Matt Stonie’s earnings below from his three YouTube channels.

Name of his YouTube Channel Estimated Monthly Earnings (USD) Estimated Yearly Earnings (USD) Subscribers Growth [currenth-month]
Matt Stonie (main channel) $5.6 Thousand to $88.9 Thousand $66.7 Thousand to $1.1 Million 100 thousand
Stonie Gaming $24 to $380 $285 to $4.6 Thousand 1.6 thousand
Stonie Shorts $7 Thousand to $111.3 Thousand $83.5 Thousand to
$1.3 Million
76 Thousand

Moreover, Stonie’s other sources of income include sponsors and endorsements. Since he is very popular on different Internet platforms, several brands have approached him for their advertising campaign on his channels.

Besides, YouTubers in the US, UK, Australia, and Canada usually get rewarded up to $2 to $12 per 1,000 monetized views after YouTube cuts their profit. Hence, Matt can easily earn from his video-making on this platform.

Additionally, he earns through his self-name merchandise. The name of Matt’s merchandise is Matt Stonie, where he sells his printed hoodies and other clothing line items.

His merch is primarily online-based, where mostly his fans purchase the items.

Matt Stonie Net Worth in Different Currencies

Let us see what Matt Stonie’s net worth is in different currencies.

Currency Net Worth
Euro € 2,858,400
Pound Sterling £ 2,453,887
Australian Dollar A$ 4,328,379
Canadian Dollar C$ 3,910,485
Indian Rupee ₹ 233,854,500
BitCoin ฿ 157.71

Matt Stonie | Houses & Cars


YouTube star Matt Stonie lives in luxury and owns a great house.

He might spend millions of dollars to purchase large houses. However, no such details regarding his purchase have been confirmed.

Besides, this won’t come as a surprise that popular YouTubers such as Matt have purchased expensive houses.

Many content creators become wealthy easily in a short period and spend their cash on lavish properties.

Also, Matt had eaten a large gingerbread house three times. He completed this food challenge of 10,530 calories in December 2018.

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Yes, Matt is known for eating many-calorie foods in his videos. But fans are also curious to know his drives.

Stonie owns a black pickup truck which he is seen using in his videos to get around the town. He usually uses his car to go through the drive-thru.

Similarly, his car might not cost much. Also, Matt seems like he cares less about fast and expensive cars.

Matt Stonie | Lifestyle and Vacations


Matthew Kai Stonie, aka Matt Stonie, was born on 24 May 1992 in California, US.

Likewise, he grew up with a sibling named Morgan Stonie.

Also, his brother is a YouTuber, and Morgan usually appears on his channel to give challenges.

Matt attended Mission College in Santa Clara, California, where he studied nutrition and plans to become a dietitian. No wonder how he keeps himself so much lean and fit after consuming such a large amount of calories.

Similarly, Matt started making videos in 2012. His first video was uploaded in the same year when he drank a gallon of Gatorade in a whopping 37 seconds.

Talking about his relationship, Matt is currently dating Mei.

Besides, his girlfriend Mei rarely reveals her face in Matt’s videos. Nevertheless, she is seen helping Matt behind the camera stop his eating time.

The couple seems happy together.

Moreover, Matt currently resides in San Rose, California, US.


Famous YouTuber Matt Stonie rarely travels and goes on vacations.

He is undoubtedly busy organizing and attempting a number of unusual eating challenges. As a result, Matt is unable to make travel plans.

But, the food hunter went on a vacation in 2014, where he enjoyed eating all the fish.

As of December2022 Matt Stonie’s net worth is $3 million.

Matt Stonie | Charity

Generous Matt is known to give back to the community. Also, he donates a large sum from video making.

The YouTuber told CNN that he feels very fortunate to be able to eat in such a way and wants needy people to get the same eating facilities. Matt mainly donates to fix hunger issues.

Similarly, he acknowledges hunger as a big issue in the World.

While many think eating for sport is wasteful, Matt uses his platform and challenges to collect a large sum of money for the less fortunate.

Matt Stonie | YouTube & Eating Competitions

Fast-eating YouTuber Matt Stonie is famous for his different food challenges on his YouTube channel.

He is a professional speed-eating champion and has become one of the top-ranked competitive eaters worldwide.

He primarily uploads videos on YouTube, including several food-eating challenges such as Mr. Beast’s full menu challenge, McDonald’s full meal challenge in 10 minutes, World’s largest burger-eating, and 10,000 fries eating challenges.

Matt quickly attracted viewers with his unique, crazy, and serious challenge videos on fast eating with a timer.

Similarly, he has held many world record titles for fast-eating birthday cake, gyros, frozen yogurt, pumpkin pie, and more.

He began his YouTube career in 2012, and it took him more than seven and a half years to gain 15 million subscribers on his channel.

Besides Stonie’s challenge videos, he shares several gameplay videos and Q&As on his other channels.

Likewise, he often features his family members and his girlfriend in videos.

Moreover, he has another YouTube channel named Stonie Gaming.

With all his work as a speed-eating YouTuber, Matt Stonie’s net worth is a staggering $3 million as of this writing.

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Matt Stonie | Career

Stonie has turned his love for eating food into a full-time YouTube career.

Likewise, he out-ate eight-time speed-eating champion Joey Chestnut at Nathan’s International Hot Dog Eating Contest.

Stonie began his professional competitive eating career for free food. As a broke college student, he entered the sport looking for the chance to win some prizes.

He won $1000 at the lobster-roll-eating contest. Matt consumed a total of 24 lobster rolls.

Also, he holds numerous world records for his speed-eating skills.

Clearly, he had a rough start, but Matt grew his skills and talent and now rules the speed-eating world arena.

Besides, he has a serious passion for music and has played the guitar most of his life.

What’s more, Stonie became YouTube’s most viewed competitive eating creator. His videos crossed more than three billion total views on YouTube.

Additionally, he has participated as a special guest in Copy That finals, produced by YouTube originals.

Three Facts About Matt Stonie

– Matt was bloated and dehydrated in his early days as a speed-eating competitor. However, he can easily pack away more than 10,000 calories a day.
– Stonie purchases the meal using company funds. His grocery costs are considered job expenses because he has to prepare for competitive food-eating activities.
– Matt has complete heterochromia.

What is Matt Stonie’s favorite food?

He doesn’t have a favorite food, and his favorite depends on what contest he trains for.

Is Matt Stonie The World’s Fastest Eater?

No, currently, Japanese-born Takeru Kobayashi is the fastest eater in the World. However, Matt is one of the fastest eaters worldwide.

How rich is Matt Stonie?

He is a rich YouTuber, and Matt Stonie’s net worth is $3 million.

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