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Mohale speaks about his role on ‘Rockville’ 5

Mohale Motaung surprised fans few days ago following his appearance on Rockville season 5.

The actor shared a snippet off the scenes he featured and expressed his excitement.

“Meet Zamani. I made a young appearance on #RockVille5 this past Sunday, and the plot has definitely thickened,” he said.

According Daily Sun, the young man said it’s a dream come true, acting as Zamani on the TV drama.

“I was over the moon when I was told I got the role as I have been dreaming of being part of a production as big as this.”

“Zamani is said to be an accountant who’s down to earth and does everything with caution. He loves his boyfriend wholeheartedly, which will cost him.”

“Although at times it was challenging, the role gave me a perspective on what happens in the world. Overall, people are going to love Zamani,” he added.

“I think it’s important to cast queer people for queer roles and it’s a conversation we need to have. I never understood the concept of casting a straight man for a gay role when there are so many queer people who can execute the role well.”

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