Moonchild Sanelly wants bisexual men to own up to their sexuality

Moonchild Sanelly is one celebrity that loves to talk about issues most especially the sensitive and uncomfortable topics.

Taking to Twitter, the star shared her views about bisexuality.

Moonchild called out men to own up if they are bisexuals as so many girls love o have fun with bisexuals.

“Can bisexual men just own it! Because lies are very saddening! I don’t know if you know that there’s plenty of girls who love to have fun with bisexual boys coz’ straight boys be straight up unskilled with some sex things!” she said.

She went on to say most bisexuals are good on bed better than straight guys.

“Bisexual boys f*** better than straight rigid boys! Girls,. don’t say I never plugged you to real sex!” she tweeted.

Moonchild’s opinion caused chaos on social media most especially a tweep who came for her saying she has been hitting up the wrong straight men.

Moonchild defended her stance: “Remember there’s women who don’t get taught to say what they want and even worse, women who think sex is a duty,” she wrote.

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