Naked Truth Of Jing Tian – Husband, Net Worth, Measurements

-Jing Tian is a Chinese actress known for roles in box office hits such as “Kong Skull Island” and “Pacific Rim: Uprising.”
-She matriculated from the Beijing Film Academy and Beijing Dance Academy.
-Her career started in 2008 and she has since starred in other movies, TV series, and international films.
-Jing was the first and only recipient of the Hollywood International Award from the Hollywood Film Awards.
-She has a net worth of $7 million as of May 2020.


Jing Tian is a Chinese actress, who gained global prominence from her roles in box‑office hits such as “Kong Skull Island” and “Pacific Rim: Uprising.”

Table of Contents

– Early Life and Family
– Education
– Career
– First Step
– Further Success
– Hollywood Career
– Personal Life
– Interesting Facts and Rumors
– Appearance
– Net worth

Early Life and Family

Jing Tian of Han ethnicity was born on 21 July 1988, in Xi’an, Shaanxi, China under the zodiac sign of Cancer. There is no information available about her parents or siblings, if she has any, as she is a very private person.


Little is known about Jing’s educational background, except that she matriculated from the Beijing Film Academy and Beijing Dance Academy.


First Step

Her acting career started in 2008 when she was offered a role in the movie, “Anaconda Frightened.” After a year, she made her television debut in the Chinese adaptation of the popular novel, “The Epic of a Woman” by Yn Geling, produced by Jiangsu Television and which starred the popular Chinese actress, Zhao Wei.

Further Success

Jing was included in the main cast of the epic historical movie, “The Warring States” in 2011, with Hong Kong actor Francis Ng, Japanese actor Kiichi Nakai, Korean actress Kim Hee-Sun, and Chinese actor Sun Honglei. It was followed by the romantic comedy movie, “Ultra Reinforcement” with Wallace Huo and Dylan Kuo, released in 2012.

In 2013, Jing was part of two action movies with action superstars, Donnie Yen in “Special ID”, and Jackie Chan in “Police Story 2013.” Both movies did great at the box office, with Donnie’s movie grossing $29 million and Jackie’s movie with $97 million. This was followed by a lead role in the 2013 drama series, “Biography of Sun Tzu,” which had 35 episodes and co-starred popular Chinese veteran actor, Zhang Fei Yi as Sun Tzu.

After a year, Jing was included in the Chow Yun Fat movie, “The Man From Macau,” also known as “From Vegas to Macau,” along with Nicholas Tse, which was a box-office hit, grossing around $96 million.

With a string of movie hits on her resume, Jing went back to television in 2015, and accepted a couple of female lead roles in “The Legend of Ban Shu” alongside Zhang Zhehan with 42 episodes, and “The Legend of Xiao Zhuang” with Geng Le and Nie Yuan and 80 episodes.

In 2017, she played the lead role in “The Glory of Tang Dynasty,” an epic historical series with 92 episodes, divided into two seasons. It was one of the biggest budgeted TV series in China amounting to almost $39 million and had 70 different sets including CG effects. Viewers and critics gave positive reviews on both the storyline and historical accuracy.

Jing was last seen in 2019 in the television series, “Love Journey,” with Chen Xiao. It was said to be the first ever Chinese road-trip TV drama series, and premiered on 20 April 2019 and had a total of 52 episodes.

Hollywood Career

The Matt Damon movie, “The Great Wall,” released in 2016 was her break into the international scene. While it wasn’t received well in the US and flopped at the box office with $45.5 million against a budget of $150 million, it grossed a total of $335 million worldwide, and placed Jing on the radar of Hollywood movie producers and directors.

In 2017 another international role was offered to her in the movie, “Kong: Skull Island,” from the “King Kong” franchise movie series.

She was part of the main cast along with Tom Hiddleston, Samuel Jackson, and Brie Larson – it was generally considered to be a commercial success with a worldwide gross total of $566 million, although it only grossed $168 million in the US and Canada against a budget of $185 million; the producers were able to earn about $66 million as industry experts said that for the movie to break even, it should at least make $450-500 million worldwide.

She was also included in “Pacific Rim Rising,” a sci-fi action movie with John Boyega and Scott Eastwood released in 2018, which had a worldwide total gross of around $300 million against a budget of around $150 million.

Personal Life

She became a tabloid news fixture in 2018, when it was discovered that she was dating Chinese Table Tennis champion and Olympic medalist, Zhang Jike. He was the one who revealed that they were in a relationship via his Weibo post (Chinese version of Instagram) with the couple holding hands while walking on the beach. The relationship did not last long however, and they broke up after a year of dating. She was the one who subtly announced publicly that they were no longer a couple via her Weibo account with a caption: ‘Thankful to have encountered each other. Hope everything will be fine from here on out.’

She is currently single and there is no information if she is dating anyone.

Interesting Facts and Rumors

– Jing’s career skyrocketed in just a short time, and many were shocked at her international film inclusions that led to several speculations. At first, everyone thought that it is due to her English language proficiency, but it turned out that an American director decided to make cuts on her screen time due to her English language limitations. Among the many theories that were thrown in the social media, the three most popular were: first, that she was the secret girlfriend of one of the major shareholders in Dalian Wanda group in China; second, she is the secret daughter of China’s richest man, Wang Jianlin; and third, she is being used as a money laundering vessel for a huge Chinese corporation.
– She was the first and only recipient of the Hollywood International Award from the Hollywood Film Awards as the organizing committee decided to stop giving it just a year after introducing the category.
– Amidst the generally favorable reviews she had recently received in her career, Jing was also nominated thrice in the category of “Most Disappointing Actress” at the Golden Broom Awards, China’s version of the Golden Raspberry Awards in the US.
– Jing was ranked 35th in the Forbes China Celebrity 100 in 2017, but went down several places in 2019, ranking 70th in the list.
– Her English name is Sally Jing.

Jing is 5ft 6ins (1.67m) tall, weighs around 110lbs (50kgs), and her vital statistics are 34-25-33. She has a slim and properly well-toned body. She is of Asian descent with black hair and dark brown eyes. Her dress size is 4 and shoe size 7.5.

Net worth

Sources estimated Jing’s net worth at around $7 million as of May 2020. Aside from the earnings she had from big-budgeted Hollywood movies, she enjoys a successful local film and TV career in China, along with multiple endorsements.

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