Naomi Schiff Boyfriend Ygal Levy Dating Since 2017

Naomi Schiff boyfriend Ygal Levy started dating her in 2017. Ygal Levy is a computer programmer and code analyst for the Younicorns Studio.

The two romantic souls crossed paths for the first time in 2017, igniting a spark that would eventually grow into a captivating love story.

Their relationship has been so good, and they are entering the second year in 2023. They regularly undertake a variety of expeditions and outings, providing glimpses of their travels on their social media platforms.

The blissful couple was spotted on the red carpet during the Autosport Awards 2022 at JW Marriott Grosvenor House in London in December 2022.

Naomi is a professional racing driver and sports anchor from Belgium. Though she marked her birth in Antwerp, Belgium, she spent most of her formative years in South Africa.

The 28-year-old speedster was inducted into the iconic roster of the Sky Sports F1 Commentators team for the 2023 season.

Table of Contents

– Naomi Schiff Relationship Timeline
– January 2018 Trip To Norway
– Noami and Ygal Went To Greece In July 2018
– Couple Goals Picture In August 2021
– Paris Tour October 2021
– Merry Christmas! December 2021
– Naomi Schiff Sister
– Is Naomi Schiff Pregnant?
– Naomi Schiff Family Life

Naomi Schiff Relationship Timeline

Naomi and Ygal Levy have been dating for five years. Ygal approached Noami in 2017 and they have been together since.

Their union is slowly getting a lot of attention on social media thanks to the regular uploading of their pictures. Naomi and Ygai have been vocal about their love life and are not coy about sharing their images online.

Naomi Schiff and Ygal Levy are not married but are committed to each other. Take a look back at Naomi and Ygal’s relationship timeline, which spans over half a decade.

January 2018 Trip To Norway

The former W Series racer shared the first picture of her and Ygal in January 2018.

The two lovebirds enjoyed skiing in the sloppy terrain with thick snow in the chilly environment of Hafjell, a municipality village in Norway. The pair had a good time even in such a freezing temperature of -9 Fahrenheit.

Noami and Ygal Went To Greece In July 2018

Naomi and Ygal voyaged to the historic nation of Greece for their summer escapade in July 2018.

She shared several snippets from their expedition to the beautiful country, starting from a selfie with a donkey in the harbor city of Zante, Zakynthos, Greece.

Then Naomi posted another picture as she sat on the cliff of one of the rocky mountains in Navagio beach island. The image captured her, a beautiful sea bath in blue and picturesque landscapes.

Couple Goals Picture In August 2021

Naomi posted a picture with Ygal in August 2021, adorned in matching pink hoodies and shorts, exemplifying the couple goals theme.

She sat on a cushion and gazed outside the window while Ygal smiled as he read through the pages of the book, “Geluk: The World Book of Happiness” by Leo Bormans.

Though everything they wore matched except for the socks. Noami wore white Puma socks, whereas Ygal wore the opposite color, black.

Paris Tour October 2021

Naomi and Ygal traveled to Paris, France, in October 2021.

Upon arriving in the French capital, they were mesmerized by the city’s stunning architecture, rich history, and dynamic culture.

During their stay in Paris, Noami and Ygal visited several famous landmarks and attractions. They started their tour with a visit to the iconic Eiffel Tower, where they enjoyed the breathtaking panoramic view of the city from the top.

Next, they strolled through the charming streets of Montmartre, an artistic neighborhood known for its quaint cafés and picturesque views.

Throughout their journey, Noami and Ygal relished the delicious French cuisine, savoring croissants and other delectable dishes.

The pair stayed in a five-star hotel, The Hoxton, in the heart of Paris. Moreover, she dropped a picture of them enjoying a drink at Bar à Bulles, near Moulin Rouge in Paris.

The photograph taken by Romane Bollengier captures Naomi giving Ygal an affectionate kiss on his cheek while he flashes a smile.

Merry Christmas! December 2021

Noami and Ygal celebrated the 2021 Xmas together.

She took to Instagram to share a lovely picture of the two wearing Christmas outfits. She wore a red jumper, while Ygal dressed in a red & white sweater.

Moreover, Noami greeted and wished her beloved fans and followers on a religious occasion, saying, “Merry Christmas! From me and mine to you and yours.”

Naomi Schiff Sister

Naomi Schiff has an older sister named Sarah Schiff. Naomi grew up with Sarah in the dynamic city of Johannesburg in South Africa.

The Belgian-Rwandan racing driver has a very close bond with Sarah. She has posted several pictures on Instagram with her.

In July 2019, Sarah shared a picture with Naomi as they visited their family home in Antwerp, Belgium.

Besides, Sarah tied the wedding knot with her husband, Dimitri Rozen, in March 2019 on a hotel rooftop in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Fast forward to 2023, Sarah is the mother of two wonderful children. Their cherished married life gave birth to a daughter named Lucca and a son named Rome.

A year after their nuptials in 2020, Sarah and Dimitri welcomed a new member of their close-knit family. A baby girl Lucca Rozen came into the beautiful world on April 13.

Naomi dropped a picture of the newborn and spilled her happiness for her sister Sarah, who had entered the journey of motherhood for the first time.

Is Naomi Schiff Pregnant?

Noami is not pregnant in 2023. However, her sister Sarah welcomed a baby in April 2022.

Two years after Lucca was born, the duo announced they were anticipating baby number two. Then in June, she shared a picture with Dimitri flaunting her pregnant belly as they traveled to La Conca del Sogno in Italy.

Nevertheless, in early September 2022, Sarah delivered her second child, a boy named Rome Rozen. Noami congratulated her on her second baby via an Instagram post.

Naomi Schiff Family Life

Noami Schiff was born in Antwerp, Belgium, in May 1994 to her parents, David Schiff and Alice N’dahimana Schiff. Schiff emanated from a family in Belgium.

Her father is of Belgian origin while her mother has Rwandan ancestry. Thus she holds a mixed ethnicity, an amalgamation of Belgium and Rwandan heritage.

Her family moved to the vibrant city of Johannesburg in South Africa when she was four. There she grew up with her elder sibling Sarah.

Growing up in South Africa, Naomi had all the leverage needed to be one of the top athletes. David would take her to carting games from an early age, and she would watch the game from the stand.

At age 11, Naomi had her first carting experience, thanks to her dad, who made it possible. Gradually she developed a love for racing, and her folks were always there to provide emotional and moral support as she pursued her passion.

David admitted her to a Karting circuit in the country, where she honed her skills and fostered a competitive spirit. After playing for five years in South Africa, Naomi dreamed of racing on the world stage and moved to England in 2012.

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