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Ntando Duma froze after bumping into Elsa Majimbo

South African actress, Ntando Duma got star struck after bumping into Kenyan comedienne, Elsa Majimbo.

After meeting the young star from Kenya, Ntando rushed to social media, expressing her excitement.

The actress said she froze upon meeting her.

Did I not bump into Elsa Majimbo at the Yawa store a minute ago and froze,” she shared.

Well, this isn’t the first time Elsa is visiting South Africa, and she’s got huge fans in the country.

“People take decades to achieve what I have achieved and for me, it’s all just coming together and I’m just getting it in. I’m just taking it one day at a time and trying to take it in,” Elsa revealed on Olwethu Leshabane’s online show The Sit Down.

“But I love what is happening. I love the money of course. I love the people who have uplifted me to this point. My fans and my family in some type of way. It’s very amazing that I have all the support around me. That even as I go up higher I have people down below looking after me.”


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