Obituary: Reggie Parks Death Cause: Belts and Net Worth

Reggie Parks, a venerable beltmaker, dies at the age of 87. Details on his death cause and net worth are right below.

Reggie Parks is a retired Canadian Professional wrestler. He is a former NWA International Heavyweight Champion.

After retiring from the rings, he became even more recognized as a beltmaker. Perhaps, one of the greatest belt designers of all the time.

Reggie Parks have created some of the most iconic belts in wrestling history. His most notable artistry is the WWF Winged Eagle Title.

He also crafted the SHIMMER Championship and the SHIMMER Tag Team golds. Reggie Parks died today, Here’s what we know about him.

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– Obituary: Reggie Parks Death Cause
– Legendary Beltmaker Reggie Parks Wikipedia
– Reggie Parks Net Worth In 2021
– Reggie Parks Age
– Reggie Parks Wife And Family Details

Obituary: Reggie Parks Death Cause

Covid19 complications were the reason for Reggie Parks’ death. The news arrived on October 8, 2021.

Parks was survived by his family members in Tucson, Arizona.

The demise of Reggie Parks will be felt all throughout the wrestling and belt collecting community.

The wrestling world has begun to react to the passing of Reggie Parks via social media.

Legendary Beltmaker Reggie Parks Wikipedia

Reggie Parks was an iconic figure in the 80’s and 90’s wrestling. His Wikipedia is on its way.

He is considered the “King of Belts” in pro wrestling.

Reggie ended his in-ring career in the mid-1980s. He then briefly served as a referee for the WWF.

Upon retirement, he operated a carpet cleaning business alongside belt manufacturing.

His belts and design have been used in the industry for almost two decades now.

He is credited for creating some of the most recognizable designs in history.

The most notable belts are; WWE World Heavyweight Championship’s winged eagle and WWF Intercontinental Title.

Reggie Parks Net Worth In 2021

According to sources, Reggie Parks’ net worth is $5 million as of 2021.

Park stood out for winning the greatest number of championships belts in his career.

Later, he established two successful manufacturing businesses in the USA.

Nevertheless, he was one of the longest-serving personalities in the Wrestling industry.

Reggie Parks Age

Veteran beltmaker Reggie Parks died at the age of 87 years.

He was born in the year 1934 and his birthday is on August 28. According to astrology, he belongs to the Virgo sign.

As for his body measurements, he stood 6 feet 2 inches tall (188 cm) and weighed 224 lbs.

Similarly, he was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Reggie Parks Wife And Family Details

Details on Reggie Parks’ wife and family members do not arrive yet.

Sources suggest the family resides in Tucson, Arizona.

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