Oded Fehr Met His Wife Rhonda Tollefson Fehr At the LA Opera House

Oded Fehr wife Rhonda Tollefson is a producer. Fehr married Tollefson a year after they met at the Opera House.

The Israeli actor rose to prominence after performing as Ardeth Bay in the movie “The Mummy.” He played the character of a Medjai chieftain who devoted his life to protecting the rest of the world from Imhotep.

Born into the family of a businessman, Oded had plans to assist his father in running his marketing and communication company back in Frankfurt. However, somewhere in his mind, he doubted whether that was right for him. After a half year, Fehr changed his mind and joined a drama course in English theater.

That step changed his life and its goal. Fehr relocated to London to pursue his dream of becoming an actor. He began his career with the movie “Kiss of Fire” in 1998. He has worked in several movies, animated series, television dramas, and documentaries.

Before his acting career, he served in the Israeli Navy for three years until 1992 and worked for the Israeli airline EI AI.

Apart from his profession, Fehr prefers to be immersed in nature and roams whenever possible. His Instagram wall, where he shares pictures under “serenity and nature ” can prove that. Around 11.7K people follow him there, and around 13K follow him on his Twitter account.

Besides proving himself to be one of the most charming individuals in Hollywood, Fehr is a married man with three kids.

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– Oded Fehr Wife Rhonda Tollefson Is Into Showbiz Industry
– Oded and Rhonda Tied the Knot In December 2000
– Oded Fehr Family
– Oded Son Atticus Fehr Is A Student Director
– Daughter Finley Fehr Was Born in 2006
– Oded Writes Story About Daughter Azelie Conversation With Her Animal Friends

Oded Fehr Wife Rhonda Tollefson Is Into Showbiz Industry

Oded Fehr wife Rhonda Tollefson Fehr is an actress. The couple has been married for twenty two years.

Tollefson is prominent as a producer for films like Finding Forrester, Where the Crawdads Sing, and Entrapment. She began working as an associate producer for an action crime movie in 1995, Cause.

In 1999, Tollefson and actors like Tom Hanks, Sandra Bullock, and Will Smith appeared in the short television documentary HBO First Look.

Tollefson is an American citizen born in 1963. She has made tremendous net value from her hit commercial films. Yet Tollefson prefers to keep her profile low and away from the limelight.

Tollefson has lived happily with her husband and three children for 22 years.

Oded and Rhonda Tied the Knot In December 2000

Oded Fehr met his love of life for the first time at the Los Angeles Opera in 1999. The same year, Tollefson produced the movie Entrapment, which did a massive business in the entertainment industry and was worth over $212 million.

It was possibly a love-at-first-sight moment for both of them, as the couple started dating shortly after their first meeting. The couple had a year-long courtship before tying the knot on December 22, 2000.

That was the year her next big movie, Finding Forrester was released. The couple celebrated their big day privately, as no single wedding picture is available online.

Before getting to know his now-spouse, Fehr was in a relationship with a Canadian dance artist, Tammy Pobi. The couple dated around 1996 for a few years before he entered the showbiz industry. Their relationship ended in 1998.

Oded Fehr Family

Oded Fehr family belongs to European Jewish ancestry. His parents are his mother Gila Fehr and his father Ury Ernst Fehr.

His father, Ury, was a geophysicist and marketing executive, while his mother, Gila, worked as a daycare supervisor. Besides, Fehr has an older brother, a sister, and a younger half-sister.

Fehr resides in Ojai, California, with his family. He shares two daughters and a son with his spouse. Their children have an age difference of three to four years.

The eldest child of the family is three years older than the second. Similarly, the youngest one is four years younger than the middle child.

Oded Son Atticus Fehr Is A Student Director

Oded Fehr son Atticus was born on January 4, 2003. Atticus is the firstborn and only son of the family.

Atticus joined the University of Texas at Austin in 2021. He is acquiring his bachelor’s degree in fine arts and will graduate in 2025. Apart from that, he is working as a freelance second AC.

Like his parents, the 20-year-old lad is interested in filmmaking and writing. With the help of his parents and fundraising from a campaign, Atticus has written and directed the short film “The Bereaved.”

In September 2021, Atticus and 15 friends raised funds and shot a 20-minute short film, Snake Tooth. Oded even tweeted the information from his account.

Furthermore, Atticus and his mother, Rhonda, worked together in “Where the Crawdads Sing.” The multi-starer movie was released on July 15, 2022. Rhonda was the producer, and Atticus worked as a production assistant on the film.

Atticus is active on Instagram, yet he has kept his profile visible to his 450 followers.

Daughter Finley Fehr Was Born in 2006

The couple welcomed their first daughter and a second child on February 26, 2006.

The seventeen-year-old daughter is recently studying and is keen on the arts. Finley has been interested in painting and drawing since a young age.

On June 9, 2020, Fehr shared his daughter’s drawing alongside the caption, “A message from my loving Daughter Finley…” In the post, his followers even commented on what a great artist Finley is.

Oded Writes Story About Daughter Azelie Conversation With Her Animal Friends

The youngest girl was born in the summer of 2010. Fehr often reads a story about Azelie’s conversation with her animal friends.

Oded writes the story on it and reads it on the Youtube channel he created on May 6, 2020. The stories are funny and might teach about friendships.

The channel has five videos about a conversation with a red-tailed hawk, a rooster, an oak tree, Bailey the dog, and Mother’s Day. The latter one got the most views, which was 1.9K.

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