Paddy McGuinness Brother Tony Leonard Owns Phat Tees Collection

Paddy McGuinness brother Tony Leonard is the owner of the Phat Tees Collection. Tony sells t-shirts with graphic design.

Tony and Paddy grew up together in the same household but they have different appearances. They bond over many things and can be seen partying and going out often.

English actor Paddy McGuinness is a comedian and TV presenter. Born on 14 August 1973, he stands tall at a height of 6 feet 1 inch, about 1.85 meters.

McGuinness graduated from Mount St Joseph High School. He was friends with the comedian Peter Kay since he was in school. The man received fame through his appearance in TV programs along with Kay.

The 49-year-old actor debuted as a participant in the show entitled God’s Gift. He became the host of That Peter Kay Thing, Max and Paddy’s Road To Nowhere, and Max and Paddy’s The Power of Two.

Paddy portrayed Gary in Keith Lemon: The Film, Ian in The Delivery Man, PC Clarke in The Security Men, and Dougie Ryan in Coronation Street. He also hosted The Keith Lemon Sketch Show and The Keith and Paddy Picture Show.

The actor is managed by the YMU Group. He is a famous social media star who has amassed more than 2M followers on his Instagram handle.

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– Paddy Mcguinness Brother Tony Is A Businessman
– Tony Owns A Business
– Paddy McGuinness Family Is Autistic
– Paddy Is A Concerned Father of Three
– McGuinness Parted With His Wife Christine
– Paddy McGuinness’s Parents Are Irish

Paddy Mcguinness Brother Tony Is A Businessman

Paddy Mcguinness brother Tony Leonard owns the Phat’s Tees Collection. Tony previously served as a chef and bartender at a restaurant.

Paddy’s brother is married to his long-time wife, Carol Leonard. The pair are also the parents to their kids and grandsire to their grandchildren.

The celebrity brother cuts the cake on the 10th of February, and his birthplace is Lancashire, England.

Tony is a funny man as he wishes himself on his birthday. Recently, he uploaded a video of the throwback pictures on Instagram for his special day. One user commented: ‘Hope you had a boss day!’ with a red heart emoji.

In 2023, Paddy and Tony went out for the celebration. The actor captioned the post: ‘Took big/little brother out for a birthday treat. Happy Birthday kid x’ and a happy birthday hashtag.

Tony Owns A Business

Leonard is the owner and search engine optimizer of the business named Phat’s Tees Collection.

He sells graphic tees from the website and models for the company. The business uses eco-friendly fabrics and sustainable and recycled materials to make its products.

Moreover, they use renewable energy sources for production, and shipping is done without plastic bags.

Tony worked several jobs in different industries that include hospitality and pharmaceuticals. He was a cook, bartender as well as pharmacy staff.

In 2013, he served as a cafe crew at Ocean Cafe according to his Instagram video. His picture is available where he is seen making drinks and mocktails in the Boston shaker donning a chef’s dress.

The man then posed for a picture in 2016 where he is seen wearing a staff identity card. The card belonged to AAH Pharmaceuticals, based in Lloyds Warrington.

Paddy McGuinness Family Is Autistic

Paddy McGuinness family includes three children, and all of them are autistic. Paddy separated from his former wife Christine McGuinness after 11 years of marriage.

Paddy Is A Concerned Father of Three

Paddy McGuinness children Leo, Penelope, and Felicity are diagnosed with developmental disabilities. He struggled while his then-wife, Christine accepted it wisely.

Initially, McGuinness focused on finding the cause of the disability in his children. He googled and discovered more and more about autism and was concerned for their family.

Paddy and his partner came to an understanding of what the future holds for them. Their journey is videotaped by BBC One’s Paddy And Christine McGuinness: Our Family And Autism.

McGuinness has twin babies: a son named Leo and a daughter named Penelope born in 2013. Similarly, he welcomed another daughter named Felicity in 2016.

McGuinness Parted With His Wife Christine

Christine and Paddy shared the wedding vows on 4 June 2011 and got a divorce in September 2022.

They dated for a while before marrying each other. The couple was together as a husband and wife for over 11 years and separated by mutual decision.

According to Daily Mail, the pair still lives in the same house with their children. They are co-parenting, and their main priority is the upbringing and care of their babies.

Paddy’s Ex-Partner Christine Was Abused As A Child

The host’s former spouse is a model and TV personality. She is also a beauty queen and holds the title of Miss Liverpool 2007.

Born on 20 March 1988 in Blackpool, her childhood was troublesome. Her father was a drug addict and her relatives used to take care of her.

Meanwhile, one of her family members took advantage of her as a child. She faced both physical and emotional damages from the abuse.

Christine Martin also fell on the autism spectrum and was diagnosed in 2021.

When all three of her kids were diagnosed with the disability, Martin and McGuinness went to the doctor for checkups. When the reports arrived, it was found that the model also had autism.

Paddy McGuinness’s Parents Are Irish

Paddy and Tony were born to their Irish father and mother in Lancashire, England.

Their parents were originally from County Tipperary in Ireland. They are no longer alive but loving and caring towards Paddy and his sibling.

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