Pointers to How Jon Cozart Became a YouTube Royalty and What He Has To Show For His Efforts

Jon Cozart is a very talented American YouTube star and singer who took the world of social media by storm with the way he superbly shows off his incredible musical prowess on YouTube and other platforms. Having had a knack for making music from a very young age, he succeeded in developing his abilities and has made a name for himself with his showmanship over the years.

Also a comedian, Cozart is known for his ability to crack people up with his very humorous utterances and video creations on YouTube. His devotion to his craft eventually made him very big on social media; he now has millions of subscribers on YouTube plus hundreds of thousands of followers on other platforms.

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– Jon Cozart Started His Relationship With Music as a Child
– He Began Creating Videos in Middle School
– Building Lasting Success Through YouTube
– Jon Has Acquired a Substantial Net Worth from His Career
– The YouTuber Is Bisexual and Might Be Single

Jon Cozart Started His Relationship With Music as a Child

Jon Cozart was born on the 26th of April 1992. The YouTube star was born in Little Rock, the capital city of Arkansas, USA, and spent some of his early days there. However, when he was six years old, he and his family relocated to Houston, Texas. It is noteworthy that even though everyone now calls him Jon Cozart, his full birth name is Jonathan Charles Cozart. Lots of people also know him by his nickname, Paint.

We don’t know the identity of Jon Cozart’s parents yet. We do know that he has three siblings; 2 brothers and a sister. However, their names remain vague. Jon had a great childhood and has often talked about how supportive his parents were of his drive to learn about music. He took piano lessons as a child and showed a sincere interest in making music a career.

Growing up, Jon attended the Cypress Creek High School, a secondary public school located in Harris County, Texas. He graduated from high school in 2011. Following his graduation from high school, he moved to Austin, where he studied film at the University of Texas.

He Began Creating Videos in Middle School

Jon Cozart started making YouTube videos while still in middle school. His YouTube channel (Paint) was gifted to him by his brother, who created it on December 27, 2005. Jon, who was very excited about the channel, started making music videos immediately and soon caught some attention online.

The YouTube star’s career gained strength while he was in middle school after he started making videos as a way to avoid writing papers. According to sources, he offered to make videos instead of writing the papers and became very good at the art as time went by. When he started attending high school, he did the same thing and used it to pass through his school.

Jon Cozart finally got his big break on YouTube after he posted a music video titled Harry Potter in 99 Seconds on July 17, 2011. The video became very big and went viral around social media, mainly because the movie series, Harry Potter, was making a lot of waves at the time. The video, which had more than 51 million views as of May 2019, launched Cozart into worldwide fame.

Building Lasting Success Through YouTube

Following the success of his video Harry Potter in 99 Seconds, Jon started growing his YouTube channel more by creating Disney parody videos. He would place Disney Princesses into modern circumstances and then supply music to the video with smooth a cappella layering of his voice. The video creations worked like magic as more and more people picked interest in his channel, pouring in there to watch his videos.

Jon Cozart released a video called Ever After in 2013. The video blew up and attracted a lot of attention. He released two more Ever After videos in 2014 and 2018, earning a lot of buzzes each time. In all the videos, Jon sings a cappella songs and laces them with strong lyrics. Thanks to creative works like these, he is one of several YouTube success stories today.

Apart from his work on YouTube, Jon has also performed at live shows. In 2015, he organized and performed at a one-person show called Laughter Ever After. The show held at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and was praised and well-reviewed by fans. Subsequent live appearances include the Transatlantic Tour in 2016, and hosting the Streamy Awards in 2017.

While Jon Cozart continues to build a real-life audience for his music, his online audience keeps growing. As of May 2020, the YouTuber has more than 4.67 million subscribers and over 491.4 million video views.

Jon Has Acquired a Substantial Net Worth from His Career

Jon Cozart’s net worth has been estimated at $600,000 by some sources while others place it as a massive $5 million. One thing is however sure, he makes a lot of money from YouTube.

With over 4.6 million subscribers and 491.4 million views, Jon has been a significant earner from YouTube’s advertising model. Through Adsense, he earns $2,000 per month on average. Depending on the number of content and their popularity, that figure can rise to $8,000.

According to YouTubers.me, an analytic website for YouTube channels, his Paint channel earns him between $183,000 and $1.1 million per year. Combined with earnings from live shows, it becomes evident that Jon Cozart’s musical talent has made him a lot of money.

Apart from the fortune he has acquired, he has been nominated for a few awards. Yes, his works have earned him two nominations for Steamy Awards.

The YouTuber Is Bisexual and Might Be Single

There have been lots of speculations about Jon Cozart being gay. Many of his fans started spreading the rumor mainly because he has not been in steady romantic relationships with girls over the years. However, Jon finally cleared the air on June 15, 2017; he announced that he was neither gay nor completely straight; that he is a bisexual man.

At the moment, there is no evidence to show that Jon is in a relationship with anyone. He was in a relationship with a blogger called Shannon Barry. The pair reportedly dated between 2014 and 2015. Their relationship was a known affair as they shared photos of each other online and professed their love for each other. They are no longer together and the exact cause of the break up remains to be determined.

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