Sam Otto Ethnicity: Where Is He From?

Snowpeircer actor Sam Otto has many wondering about his ethnicity due to his unique looks.

Sam Otto is a British actor popularly known for his role “John Oshwellier” in the hit series “Snowpeircer.” He has first starred in “The Boy In The Topknot” and has continued acting in various films and series.

He had been into acting since he was a child and was trained at Drama Centre London. Till now, he has a total of 10 acting credits: “Jalal Hossien” int “The State” being another of his prominent roles.

More can be learned about Sam Otto on his IMDb profile and his bio.

Table of Contents

– Sam Otto Age and Ethnicity
– Sam Otto Girlfriend: Is He Married?
– What is Sam Otto’s Net Worth?
– Meet Sam Otto on Instagram

Sam Otto Age and Ethnicity

Sam Otto’s age is 28 years old, and he celebrated his birthday on June 13, as per Wikipedia.

He was born in the year 1992 in Basingstoke, Hampshire, and is British by nationality.

With unique features and last name, the actor has many questioning his ethnicity. From the site, we came to learn that Sam Otto is of German-Indian ethnicity: his father having German roots, and his mother of Indian descent.

Sam Otto Girlfriend: Is He Married?

Sam Otto’s girlfriend is Jennifer Lee, a British Sapporo.

The couple is yet to reveal details of their relationship, but anyone can see how much they adore each other.

They are often seen spending time in each other’s company and mostly post pictures of them together on their respective social media. We hope that they are as happy as in love they are in the future as well.

What is Sam Otto’s Net Worth?

Sam Otto’s net worth is not known.

As an actor who is talented, we can expect that he has been earning decently and living comfortably.

Meet Sam Otto on Instagram

Sam Otto is active both on Instagram and Twitter. His Instagram account is @_samotto which is already verified and has 8,867 followers.

Likewise, his Twitter account @Sam_otto is also already verified with 2,114 followers.

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