Scott Cavalheiro Met His Wife Claire Cavalheiro While Workin On The Set Of Satisfaction

Scott Cavalheiro wife Claire Cavalheiro is an artist in the film fraternity. Scott Cavalheiro got married to Claire Cavalheiro on 18 August 2017.

He describes himself as an actor, writer, and producer. Currently, he is busy with his production company ‘Stained Tie Films’.

His first onscreen role was in a feature film as a supporting character. There, Scott met the exceptional Tom Cavanagh who later became his mentor in the acting world.

Later, he went on to star in movies and shows like ‘Love of My Life’, ‘Christmas With a View’, ‘Flashpoint’ and ‘Schitt’s Creek’ among many others.

At the present, he has made a name for himself in showbiz. He has an upcoming project named ‘You Don’t Know Dick’ in the pipeline. He won a Cinespace Award in 2016 for his performance in ‘Who Is Hannah?’

Interestingly, Cavalheiro took up acting by giving up his career in Neuroscience. He graduated from York University in 2010 with a degree in BA Psychology.

Table of Contents

– Claire Cavalheiro Is An Actor
– Claire Has A Estranged Relationship With Her Mother
– Scott and Claire Cavalheiro Relationship Timeline
– First Date Of The Pair
– Sunset Wedding Proposal of Scott
– The Wedding Day
– Inside The Married Life Of Scott and Claire

Claire Cavalheiro Is An Actor

Scott Cavalheiro wife Claire Cavalheiro is a comedian actor from Canada. Claire also serves as a writer and producer in the entertainment industry.

The actress is predominantly recognized for playing the character of Rachel in the television series ‘Man Seeking Woman’. It is a 2015 sitcom with a 7.8-star rating on IMDB.

Her film credits include ‘Anything for Jackson’, ‘Must Kill Karl’ and ‘Love in the Age of Like’ among many others. Meanwhile, she has been featured in TV series like ‘Filth City’, ‘How to Buy a Baby’, ‘ True Dating Stories’, ‘The Beaverton’ and so on.

‘Must Kill Karl’, a 2017 film about friendship has won several awards at different festivals. Even Claire starred in this movie as one of the key characters, Alyson.

Meanwhile, Claire portrayed the role of Debbie in the successful series ‘How to Buy a Baby’. This show was also nominated for the highly acclaimed Emmy awards.

Claire won the 2016 Cinespace Award at Lakeshorts International Short Film Festival for her role as Hannah in ‘Who Is Hannah?’. She appeared on two episodes of ‘The Rick Mercer Report’.

Talking about her venture as a filmmaker, she has produced and written the ‘Out of Work’ web series. Meanwhile, she is also the woman behind the highly acclaimed ‘Who Is Hannah?’.

‘Who Is Hannah?’ was selected for six film festivals including Atlantic Film Festival and Hollywood North Film Festival.

On the other hand, Claire is a natural stand-up comedian. She has filled people with laughter through her performances on many stages across the globe.

Audiences find her amusing. This was proved when she got nominated for the Fresh Meat of Comedy Award in 2013.

Not only that, she has toured to give performances in countries like America and Canada. All in all, Cavalheiro is a fabulous entertainer.

Cavalheiro has been seen onscreen on the Canadian channel Cosmo TV. Then, she appeared on a youth channel like MTV. As per her website, she is managed by the agency Parent Management.

She is present on Twitter with 685 followers. However, she does not have any accounts on social media like Instagram.

Claire Has A Estranged Relationship With Her Mother

Claire came on the Nikki Bon podcast titled ‘WHOA, MOM! YOU’RE A NARCISSIST’ on October 15, 2022. She spilled some beans about her mom and dad.

Claire calls her mom a narcissist. Her mom has been diagnosed with a personality disorder.

Cavalheiro has not talked to her mom since January 2016. Coming from a broken home has taken a toll on her mental health. She is dealing with anxiety.

Her biological father left her mom before she was even born. At the age of 6 months, she met her new dad and she has two half-siblings.

Fortunately, Claire is lucky to have a supportive and caring husband Scott. He has helped her navigate the complex relationship with her mother.

Scott and Claire Cavalheiro Relationship Timeline

Scott and Claire Cavalheiro have been enjoying a happily married life for 5 years. Scott and Claire dated for four years before tying the knot in 2017.

They first got a glimpse of each other on the set of a Canadian sitcom named Satisfaction. Nevertheless, only Scott was part of the series.

Claire had reached the shooting location to meet her friend playing in the TV show. Perhaps, they were destined to meet one another.

First Date Of The Pair

In 2013, Claire and Scott met again at one of the film festivals. There, they decided to continue meeting and therefore, exchanged numbers.

On the 8th of July 2013, Scott took his future partner on a date. It was a memorable night because that very same day a devastating flood struck their city, Toronto.

It turned out to be a horrible night for the citizens of Canada, but for the couple, it was a romantic day.

They took their relationship one step forward when they went to the Bahamas in December 2014. Similarly, in 2015, they went to watch the band ‘The Rolling Stones’ on their Zip Code Tour.

Today, 9 years later, they are still together, married, and will have a baby in the future, hopefully.

Sunset Wedding Proposal of Scott

Scott is a passionate and romantic lover who proposes to Claire during the twilight. Sunsets are often the subject of poetries and love quotes because they are so magical.

It was very thoughtful of him to get down on one knee whilst the sun was setting beautifully. And Claire obliviously said yes!

But there is more to the story. Everything did not go as per Scott’s plan. On that day, Claire was called for an audition out of the blue.

Being true to her work, she had to go. Nonetheless, Cavalheiro still managed to make everything work. At that time, they were in Los Angeles at a friend’s place.

On a funny note, Scott had to propose twice because Claire could not believe that it was happening at the moment. She asked him to redo it so that she could properly accept the proposal.

The Wedding Day

Finally, it was the day of their much-awaited marriage ceremony. Before the big day, they had gone to visit South Africa.

The lovely duo exchanged vows at Cambium Farms, nestled in the hills of Caledon. They looked ethereal as Clarie wore a beautiful bridal gown and Scott was clad in a matching tux.

The wedding venue was embellished with all sorts of flowers from around the world. As a tribute to Scott’s Portuguese heritage, they opted for bold colors for the decoration.

Moreover, both of them prefer Spanish-style architecture. So, that was the color of choice.

They took a break from the trending pastel wedding. The Mediterranean-inspired theme was visible on their special day.

With much fervor and excitement, the intimate nuptial was held in the presence of near and dear ones at Caledon, Ontario.

Wedding Processional Song

They chose the French song ‘La Vie en Rose’ by Édith Piaf for their special day. Her friend Emma sang it as she walked down the aisle to the altar.

In addition, even Scott’s best man contributed to the wedding. He sang the 2004 song ‘Trouble’ by Ray LaMontagne for the bride and groom’s first dance.

Ceremonial Feast

Interestingly, there was no cake on their nuptial day. The Cavalheiros served their guests with a sweets table.

Jacqueline, Scott’s sister, volunteered to bake pies. She also gathered mouth-watering candies and edible flavors for the table.

On the other hand, three food trucks were hired to cater to the invitees.

Inside The Married Life Of Scott and Claire

Scott and Claire are in a blissful matrimonial life. As both of them are striving in Hollywood, they often work together.

They are running their production house, ‘Stained Tie Films’, as a team. The power couple went to Scotiabank Theatre Toronto to celebrate the success of one of their films in 2019.

That same year, they attended the marriage of their friends Stephanie Ullman and Erik Smith.

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