Selena Gomez Parents – Meet Mandy Teefay And Rick Gomez

Mandy Teefey and Ricardo Gomez are Selena Gomez’s folks. Selena was born in Great Grassland, Texas on July 22, 1992. The pair met in secondary school.

The two got hitched and brought forth Selena when Mandy was just 16 years of age. A couple of years after the fact, the couple split up.

Selena was just 5 at the hour of the division of her folks and was for the most part raised by her mom. Selena and Drew Taggart – What’s happening between them? Two or three has been presented in Hollywood as of late. The new couple, Selena Gomez and Drew Taggart have been subtly dating as indicated by various reports.

US Week after week states: “They aren’t attempting to conceal their sentiment by sneaking around at individuals just clubs.” The couple is acting really easygoing and they’re remaining lowkey.

The news became a web sensation on the web after the chainsmoker star finished things with Mac’s Chief Steve Occupations’ little girl, Eve Occupations.

Taggart has additionally been connected to Haley Rowe, Meredith Mickelson, and Chantel Jeffries.

Selena, then again, keeps her connections extremely hidden. She said a final farewell to singing sensation Justin Bieber back in 2018. Selena was additionally connected with The Weeknd before.

Selena faults her mom for their parent’s separation Despite the fact that Selena’s mom, Mandy, brought her up without her dad, Selena faults her mom for guardians’ division.

In a meeting, Selena said, “I accused my mother a ton [for the divorce] on the grounds that I needed a family so terrible.

I needed to have my mother and father together. I recollect simply being furious with my mother. I actually regret that.”

selena gomez singing who says is so powerful.

— ana | FAN ACCOUNT. (@withluvselena) February 16, 2023

Amanda buckled down as a single parent to raise Selena. Albeit the allegations of her girl truly hurt her, she trusts that she (Selena) would see sometime in the future.

The vocalist valued her mother’s endeavors on a couple of events. She said, “This is a result of mother that I am ready to get things done all alone.

I’m an expert. I’m dependable. I like being good to individuals, and I realize that I’m considering her(my mother) by the day’s end.”

Selena’s dad’s pained past Ricardo’s complete name is Ricardo Joel Gomez. Selena’s dad has had an exceptionally upsetting past.

He was legitimately charged on various occasions for drug ownership and aggressive behavior at home. Ricardo was not Selena’s natural dad.

Mandy brought forth Selena with her most memorable spouse named Brian Teefey. They met in secondary school and got hitched when they were youthful.

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