Senator Roland Gutierrez Shows Up On TV With A Black Eye- What Actually Happened To His Face?

Roland Gutierrez was seen with a black eye and an injury on the forehead in his recent interview. What happened to him?

Roland Gutierrez is an American attorney. He currently serves as a member of the Senate Texas Senate representing District 19. He was sworn in on January 12, 2021, and will be serving the position until 2023. Gutierrez is also seeking re-election to his seat in the State Senate in November.

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– What Happened To Roland Gutierrez’s Face?
– Why Does Roland Gutierrez Have A Black Eye?
– Senator Roland Gutierrez Health Upate Now

What Happened To Roland Gutierrez’s Face?

Gutierrez has recently reacted to the Texas shooting that took away the life of 21 people. He has offered a poignant message to the grieving families. Following this, his face seemed very sad and crestfallen. In addition, Gutierrez also had black markings on his left eye and forehead.

The Texas Senator in tears has said: “Go hug your babies before you send them to school, “There are 19 parents here in Uvalde that aren’t gonna get to hug their babies anymore.” He further stated: “we need to do anything that’s possible to stop this paradigm that keeps happening over and over again.”

Why Does Roland Gutierrez Have A Black Eye?

In one of his recent interviews, Roland Gutierrez was seen with a black eye. He was also seen with a swollen forehead indicating that he was hit by someone. The black eye and gash on the face clearly show that they are the result of the fight. though people have been wondering, he has revealed his injury.

People instantly took to Twitter to discuss what might happen to him after seeing the screenshots. He has a damaged forehead and an eye wound, as seen in the videos. Meanwhile, the Texas senate remained tightlipped about his visibly clear bruises. It is perhaps the matter the Senate does not want to talk about in the media.

Senator Roland Gutierrez Health Upate Now

Roland Gutierrez’s health and fitness are excellent as of 2022. He does not suffer from any prolonged disease or illness.

CNN viewers, on the other hand, had immediately flocked to Twitter to inquire about Gutierrez’s strange facial injury. The people were left worried about his health.

On Twitter, some people have also stated that the Texas Senate has been recovering from surgery. However, the Senate himself has not confirmed anything.

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