Should bathroom tile go to the ceiling?Should bathroom tile go to the ceiling?

For you tile lovers, floor-to-ceiling bathroom wall tiles are the way to go. The look is fresh and modern, and can be done in every shape, size and color there is. Tiling up to your ceiling will also add the feeling of height to your space!Click to see full answer. Then, should you tile to the ceiling in a shower?Depending on the size of the tiles and the placement of the shower in the room, I have some options for you. For a sleek, open feel, take the tile all the way to the ceiling if your budget allows. A small mosaic would work just fine and give you a nice textural look, but larger tiles will give you a modern feel.Also, how far up the bathroom wall should I tile? Aesthetically, for most tile shower walls, end with the last complete row of tile at around 6 feet 2 inches or so, or to the top or just above the glass enclosure, depending on how the math works out. Regarding this, how high should tile go in shower? 6 feet Should I tile the entire bathroom?While using the same tile all over a bathroom can work, other spaces may need breaking up. In this case, the ceiling height is much greater than the width, so using a white tile overhead gave this room pleasing proportions. Another way to save money is to use drywall and paint above the tile.

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