Should my dog’s pee be clear?

The color you want your dog’s urine to be is clear to light yellow. This means she is well-hydrated. You do want to see some yellow in there, because pee that looks consistently like water with no yellow at all is a sign that your dog is drinking too much water or is unable to concentrate her urine.Click to see full answer. Then, what does it mean if my dog’s urine is clear?The normal color of urine from a healthy dog or cat is transparent yellow. The intensity of yellow color in normal, clear urine indicates the concentration or dilution of urine. In simplest terms, dilute urine is associated with increased water excretion and concentrated urine correlates with less water. what color should my dog’s pee be? Normal dog urine should be yellow. The “shade” of yellow can range normally from pale or “straw-colored” to amber, based on your dog’s hydration status and a few other factors, but it should be yellow none-the-less. Then, is it OK if my dog’s pee is clear? We’re wanting to see clear to light yellow. This indicates that your pet is getting proper hydration. Some yellow is good, since that means your pet is concentrating their urine- while clear urine could mean they’re drinking too much water or is not able to concentrate their urine- which could be a sign of trouble.Why is my dog’s urine greenish?A dark yellow to green colored urine results from bilirubin spilling into the kidneys, which can be brought about by the destruction of red blood cells within the circulatory system (as seen with Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia), and liver or gall bladder disease.

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