“Should they just say nothing at all?”: IVE’s Wonyoung and Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun receive hate from Chinese fans over Lunar New Year

On Sunday, January 22, IVE’s Wonyoung and Young ladies’ Age’s Seohyun got enormous disdain from Chinese fans for praising the “Chinese New Year” as “Seollal,” all the more routinely known as “Lunar New Year.”

This year, Koreans commended the Lunar New Year on Sunday, January 22, over a long end of the week. For the event, they typically dress in their customary Hanbok, visit their family, perform familial ceremonies, eat scrumptious food and play conventional people games.

K-pop superstars took to their online entertainment to wish their fans a Blissful Lunar New Year or ‘Seollal,’ the Korean word for it. In any case, a few Chinese fans threatened IVE’s Wonyoung and Young ladies’ Age’s Seohyun on their virtual entertainment represents saying “Lunar New Year” and “Seollal” rather than “Chinese New Year.”

Korean fans leaped to IVE’s Wonyoung and Young ladies’ Age’s Seohyun’s safeguard, expressing that Chinese fans are overall excessively delicate.

IVE’s Wonyoung, Young ladies’ Age’s Seohyun, and CL are among the absolute most noticeable Korean VIPs who have gotten disdain from Chinese fans for wishing Lunar New Year.

Wearing conventional Hanboks, the female icons wished their overall fans a Cheerful Lunar New Year or Seollal.

Nonetheless, regardless of IVE’s Wonyoung, Young ladies’ Age’s Seohyun, and CL’s honorable goals, they couldn’t get away from Chinese fans’ fury, who demanded that they call it the Chinese New Year. They even blamed the symbols for social allotment of the Chinese New Year.

This isn’t whenever Korean icons first have gotten disdain for wishing Cheerful Lunar New Year. Beforehand, NewJeans’ Danielle had to apologize to Korean fans after she utilized Blissful Chinese New Year through a fan correspondence application called Calling.

Following the backfire, she erased her message. She gave an authority proclamation, saying ‘sorry’ to Koreans and Rabbits (NewJeans’ fans) for utilizing Chinese New Year and not Blissful Lunar New Year or Seollal as Koreans would like to say it.

[PHOTO] 230122 Jang Wonyoung Instagram update (1)

Have a happy lunar new year

https://t.co/2al3IzXHoU#IVE #아이브 #JANGWONYOUNG #장원영 pic.twitter.com/s66opwLetj

— WONYOUNG GLOBAL (@WonyoungGlobal) January 22, 2023

Elsewhere in the world, IVE’s Wonyoung as of late gotten disdain for the manner in which she eats pizza. Famous pizza outlet Daddy John’s delivered a commercial and its in the background with IVE.

IVE part Wonyoung acquired consideration for eating pizza with a particular goal in mind with the video becoming a web sensation on the web. IVE fans feel the Adoration Plunge vocalist is designated unreasonably once more for something as essential as eating pizza.

Beforehand, the symbol was ridiculed for eating strawberries in a deliberately “charming” way. Young lady bunch ALICE’s individuals Yeonje and Chaejeong taunted Wonyoung’s charming way of eating strawberries with two hands, which prompted them getting extreme reaction from K-pop fans.

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