Should we celebrate the voyages of Zheng He?

The voyages of Zheng He should be celebrated because of the peace and kindness he gave to Southeast Asia of his time, his exceptional leadership, his trade and how all the money invested wasn’t all just a waste.Click to see full answer. People also ask, why should we not celebrate the voyages of Zheng He?Getting trade as an influence is a actually good point. There are many men and women that oppose as to why we shouldn’t celebrate Zheng He’s voyages. They wasted too much money into the fleet and they had been mainly prepared for war, is a frequent opposition.Subsequently, question is, how did Zheng He Impact ancient China? Zheng He (1371 – 1433) was a great Chinese explorer and fleet commander. He went on seven major expeditions to explore the world for the Chinese emperor and to establish Chinese trade in new areas. Considering this, what was the goal of Zheng He’s fleet? His seven total voyages were diplomatic, military, and trading ventures, and lasted from 1405 – 1433. However, most historians agree their main purpose was to promote the glory of Ming dynasty China. Zheng He was born to a noble family in 1371 in the Yunnan Province of China.What was the ratio of doctors to total crew members in Zheng He’s fleet? 1 to 400

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