Something’s Brewing UPTv Cast and Movie Review

Something’s Brewing cast consists of Justin Cook, Kristi Murdock, Tammy-Anne Fortuin and Joel Berti. The movie premieres on March 5, 2023.

Actress Kristi Murdock plays the role of Jane Peterson who is a marketing executive of a big company. She is also in a relationship with her boyfriend David and is very happy with her situation.

But suddenly one day she is laid off by the company causing her to lose her job.

On the same day, she finds her boyfriend cheating on her. So, she leaves her cheating boyfriend, making her single on one of the most horrible days.

Now frustrated with her life in the city, she wants to leave the town, but before she can do that, she runs into a charming barista in a local coffee shop.

Will the frustration of receiving rejection twice in a single day lead to a new connection? Will it lead to a new connection leading towards a new direction?

The new romantic movie of UPTv is directed by Nadeem Soumah and the screenplay writer was Adam Rockoff.

Table of Contents

– Meet The Cast Of Something’s Brewing on UPTv
– Kristi Murdock As Jane Peterson
– Jason Cook As David
– Tammy-Anne Fortuin As Jane
– Joel Berti As Felix
– Additional Cast Members
– Something’s Brewing Movie Plot and Review
– Something’s Brewing Release Date

Meet The Cast Of Something’s Brewing on UPTv

Something’s Brewing cast includes Kristi Murdock, Jason Cook, Tammy-Anne Fortuin and Joel Berti in lead roles.

Kristi Murdock As Jane Peterson

Actress Kristi plays the role of Jane Peterson who is laid by her office and cheated on by her boyfriend on the same day making her feel miserable.

Before entering the film industry, she worked in advertising and social media marketing and had worked for more than six years.

Even before that, she wasn’t into acting but rather into drawing and painting and wanted to be an art teacher.

But looking at the suit, she was inspired by it and wanted to act in movies and theaters. So, she joined the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.

There she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre.

Now, she has worked on many movies such as Secrets on Sorority Row, Furrry Little Christmas, Melons and ‘Husband, Wife and Their Lover’.

Currently, she is in a relationship with Travis West since the beginning of 2021. She also is an avid dog lover and has a beagle and cocker spaniel mixed breed dog named Ender.

Jason Cook As David

Actor Jason Cook plays the role of the cheating boyfriend named David in the movie.

Jason is an American actor, director, screenwriter and film producer who has been working in the television sector for a long time.

The multi-talented actor was born on September 13, 1980, in Camden, New Jersey. He was very young when his family moved to California along with his two sisters and a brother.

The actor completed high school at Westlake High School in Westlake Village, California in 1998. Later he graduated from Moorpark College, completing his freshman year in the 1999 spring semester.

Cook wrote scripts for movies such as State of Bacon, Love Afterlife, The Creatures and Four for Fun and was even the director of the movies.

He has acted in movies and series such as General Hospital, Days of Our Lives, Dark Awakening, A Christmas in Royal Fashion and Girlfriend Killer.

Tammy-Anne Fortuin As Jane

Tammy-Anne Fortuin plays the role of the best friend of Jane who is there to support her friend in any way possible.

Actress Tammy is not only a talented actress, but she is also working in the field of filmmaking as an assistant director for a long time now.

Moreover, she has worked on producing many movies. This artist hails from South Africa.

She has acted in movies and series such as Babalas, Forget Love, This Much, Repeater and her upcoming movies High School Revenge, Cheer, Drama, Murder and How to Make Her Cheat.

She has also worked on producing and directing movies such as Simon, This Much, Escala, Stoneheart and Metting Jenny.

While she was in South Africa, she also used to anchor award-winning cooking shows and other television programs over there.

Joel Berti As Felix

Joel Berti plays the role of Felix, the owner of the coffee shop where Jane meets her. He is also the father of Mandy and is quite wealthy.

Joel is an American actor who is also involved and has much interest in photography and in coaching others in acting.

Berti comes from Avon, Connecticut and was born on December 17, 1971.

After high school graduation, he joined Emerson College in Boston but moved to Los Angeles to get more experience in acting.

He started his acting career in 1994 in the movie Search and rescue. Since then he has worked in movies and series such as California Dreams, Pacific Blue, Inside the Osmonds, Days of Our Lives, The Candle, The Wrong Man and If Walls Could Talk.

Additional Cast Members

Other cast members that were involved in the UPTv’s new movie Something’s Brewing are given below:

– Rene Ashton as Ellen,
– Emma Rose Smith as Mandy,
– Danielle Munday as Co-worker,
– Steve Tressler as Bartender,
– Krystyn Sayre as Taylor,
– Alexys Nadeau and
– Micheal Breeding as Background Cast.
Something’s Brewing Movie Plot and Review

In the movie, Katie plays the role of Jane Peterson who has been working in the advertising and marketing industry for quite some time now. And she is also in a living relationship with her boyfriend David.

But one day, the company calls her to the office announcing that she has been laid off by the company due to internal and financial problems.

Feeling sad, she reaches her home to be comforted by her boyfriend only to find her boyfriend in the arms of someone else. That someone else was also one of the co-workers in her office.

Having already troubled being laid off from the office and seeing such a scene makes her feel frustrated. So, she decides to move to someplace else than the city.

While thinking about where to go, she goes inside a coffee shop where she meets Felix Casper, the owner of the coffee shop.

At their first meeting, the two feel some attraction toward each other. Felix slowly begins to start his conversation with Jane and begins to take her on a date and make her feel special.

He also introduces his daughter to Jane making their connection near. Jane is confused about how to move with this relationship and asks advice from her friend Cassie.

Something’s Brewing Release Date

The UPTv’s new upcoming movie Something’s Brewing is going to premiere on the UPTv network on Sunday, March 5, 2023, at 7:00 PM Eastern time.

Something’s Brewing was filmed in Louisville, Kentucky during the month of October 2022. Actress Kristi had posted details about her shoot on her Instagram.

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