Somizi calls out bullies on social media

Somizi is really not having it with bullies as he took to his social media to call out cyberbullies.

Few days ago, viral video of a young girl bullied by her fellow student which led to her committing suicide caught the attention of so many.

Somizi however stated that he has always say and he will keep saying that bullying is real and the result of it can be devastating.

The media personality went on to share that bullies are more on social media most especially Twitter which is the most toxic location.

Somizi urge his followers to help act on it before it hits their home.

In the post he shared, he was also seen wearing a T-Shirt with “I’m not bulliable, I bully bullies” boldly written on it.

Somizi captioned: “I’ve said it before and ill say it today and say it tomorrow…….BULLYING IS REAL AND THE RESULTS OFNIT CAN BE DEVASTATING…….Especially on these social media streets….Twitter to be specific……is the most toxic location…..let’s stand against it or shud it hit home first before u act?”

See post below:

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