8 Best Christmas Cards Of 2021

Best Christmas Cards Of 2021
Best Christmas Cards Of 2021

As Christmas is fast approaching, there is nothing more beautiful and nice than receiving a nice hand-written Christmas card from your loved ones. That could just make up your days – so, we bring to you the best Christmas cards of 2020.

How did Christmas cards come about? – Well, if you are a celebrant of Christmas, you would be very much aware of the fact that the first Christmas card was sent in 1843 by a man known as Sir Henry Cole. He was a civil servant who contributed to the setting up of Penny Post.

He saw the sending of Christmas cards as a new way to promote his new delivery service; little did he know that he is setting up a move that would be continued until rapture sweeps us all to heaven.

With the introduction of smartphones, sending of Christmas cards seem to be getting outmoded yet, you stand a high chance of making some of your loved one’s smile should you get the best for them especially the oldies as it would bring back the sweet past memory when there was nothing of a smartphone in town.

After detailed research on the internet, we came across some best Christmas cards which hover around charity, romantic, luxury, humorous, and multi-packs. Get one and send it to your loved ones to make a big difference.

1. Museums And Galleries Christmas Bleatings Pack of Eight Charity Christmas Cards:

Best Christmas Cards Of 2021

The first on our list is the Museums and Galleries Christmas Bleatings Pack of Eight Charity Christmas Cards. This charming piece of crafted sheep was created by Jo Cave. The inscription in it reads; ‘Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year’.

When you buy this product 10% of the price goes to NSPCC, British Heart Foundation, Mind, Marie Curie, and Shelter. That is to say, part of the money is donated to charity.

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