The Meaning Of In Den Wolken In Triangle Of Sadness Explained

In Den Wolken meaning in Triangle of Sadness is “being in the clouds”. Therese is one who says this phrase in the movie.

Triangle of Sadness is an Oscar-nominated movie directed and written by Ruben Ostlund according to IMDb.

The film is about high-profile people cruising on a luxurious ship stranded in the middle of nowhere.

The movie begins with celebrity couple Carl and Yaya invited on the luxurious cruise ship to promote their experience on their social media.

Though the invitation was mainly to the well-known Yaya. There, the couple meets high-class people from different experiences and work industries.

But unfortunately, they are struck by the storm and later by pirates destroying their luxurious cruise ship, leaving only a few people surviving luckily.

The survivors arrive near what people thought to be an uninhabited island and are trying to survive.

Now stuck on an island with a changing social hierarchy, the surviving people must survive till they get help.

The movie was released on September 18, 2022, in seven languages such as English, Swedish, German and French.

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– The Meaning of In Den Wolken In Triangle of Sadness
– Triangle of Sadness Ending Explained
– Triangle of Sadness Movie Review

The Meaning of In Den Wolken In Triangle of Sadness

In Den Wolken in Triangle of Sadness literally translates to in the clouds. In Den Wolken comes from the German language.

The phrase ‘In Den Wolken’ comes from the West Germanic language spoken by more than 100 million people from different regions of Germany, Austria and parts of Switzerland.

In Den Wolken literally translates to in the clouds. But in the literary term, the phrase means to be out of contact with reality.

Maybe this is one of the powerful messages of the movie. In the movie, this is the only phrase spoken by Theresa after she had a stroke before coming on the cruise.

In the movie, people are stranded far from the modern world and have little hope of rescue (before finding out about the beach vendor).

They are so out of touch with their current situation they try to order Abigail to give them more food which she catches with her effort.

The survivors get excited about killing the donkey without thinking about why there was a donkey on a stranded island in the first place.

They have not thought about it at all. This shows that survivors are far from acceptance of the reality that they should be.

When Yara and Abigail find the elevator in the stone, Abigail is very fixated on not letting anyone find out about the survivors near the civilization.

Without any realistic thought, she tries to silence Yara afraid that the power she has will only last a few days.

This shows that people should be aware of reality rather than enjoying the imagination that is only for a few moments.

When that dream and imagination is broken, people will face a severe dilemma of what options to choose.

Triangle of Sadness Ending Explained

Near the end of the movie, Abigail is having an intimate relationship with Carl that allows him to have a bigger share of the food. And he shares that extra food with his girlfriend Yara.

Yara knows about the activities of Abigail and Carl and has no problem with that as she is quite a talented manipulator and is getting the benefit out of it.

So, when she speaks about going around the island to check their surroundings, Abigail also wants to accompany her.

Along the way, they go through different mountains, reaching the top to see the surrounding of the island.

The group climbs down the mountain to the other side to complete their survey of the surrounding.

When they reach the beach, they see an elevator. Yaya is so happy seeing something modern in this place that she understands they are not on an uninhabited island.

Abigail stops Yaya from going to the elevator with the excuse of wanting to go the bathroom.

While Abigail goes to the bush, Yaya looks at the constant waves of the ocean, taking a breather for herself.

But Abigail goes behind her and picks up the big rock walking slowly and silently toward Yaya.

When Yaya begins to talk, Abigail stops for a moment to listen and lowers the stone that is almost on the top of her head.

While listening to what Yaya is saying, she is seen with her chest heaving heavily, her heart beating faster, and a fierce expression on her face.

The viewers are not shown if Abigail goes forward with the act or hesitates.

In the end scene, we also see Carl running through the thickets of shrubs calling Yaya’s name.

The way Carl is searching and calling Yaya’s name is ambiguous as we don’t know if he is trying to find her in distress or calling her as they have received the good news.

Triangle of Sadness Movie Review

Triangle of Sadness movie have received much acclaim and awards but it has received its fair share of criticism from viewers and audiences.

The whole Triangle of Sadness can be divided into three sections. The first section is about a boy named Carl and his girlfriend Yaya. Both are social media influencers working in the modeling business.

But the pay gap in the modeling industry has created a gap between both Carl and Yaya. He is being manipulated by Yaya, but he still accepts and continues to grind into their relationship.

Though unsatisfied with their toxic relationship Carl has no option of leaving his beloved lover. On the other hand, Yaya knows about the situation and is taking advantage of it.

This also shows that the influencers can be shallow and selfish for their own desires and goals.

Then the couple receives an invitation from a luxurious cruise where a high-profile business magnate has come to enjoy their time.

The cruise they board also shows three distinctions of groups where rich and well-known people are on the top deck, mid-level managers and are enjoying their time on the middle deck and lower deck people groveling into the work.

Carl and Yaya enjoy being on the top deck with other influential people. At dinner when they are having food, they are hit by the storm.

They expect to be drowned by the storm but they survive it and many people wear life vests to survive the cruise drown.

On the stranded island, the hierarchical position that they are used to in the modern world is flipped, and are now groveling in the mud for food.

The movie also shows that when in such conditions, everyone has the same starting line.

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