Here Is All You Need To Know About The Squid Game Games List

The Squid Game Games List
The Squid Game Games List

The Squid Game games list deserves to be well understood by all who watched the hit movie so we have detailed it here.

Squid Game is a popular South Korean drama series created by Hwang Dong-hyuk. The series has had a lot of buzz since its release on the 17th of September, 2021.

It is currently the most-watched Netflix series in the world. The storyline revolves around 456 people who are in deep financial debt, contesting deadly children’s games for the opportunity to win a cash prize of a whooping W45.6 billion, at the expense of their own lives.

Squid Game Theory

According to Hwang, the idea behind the story was drawn from the games he played growing up as a child and his struggles financially in the early years of his life.

While watching the first season, one might ask whether he or she could survive any of the games, bearing in mind that none of the contestants actually knew what game they’re about to play until they’re playing it. Chills!.

Looking at how terrifying and dangerous the games were, would you partake or not?
Let’s help you decide by taking you on a tour of all the games in the first season of Squid Game.

1. Ddakji:

The Squid Game Games List

This is the first game that grants you access to enter the tournament. It is a traditional Korean game similar to the popular 1990s game called Pogs.

The Protagonist of the series Gi Hun, who is jobless and broke is approached by a recruiter of the Squid Game tournament.

He offers to pay Gi Hun W100,000 for every round of Ddakji he wins against him and also take W100,000 from Gi Hun should he lose.

This is how the game is played, both players take turns using folded pieces of paper to hit each other’s piece of paper, the first one to make the other’s paper flip wins.

The recruiter offered to give Gi Hun a slap anytime he lost instead as it was obvious Gi had no money. The actual aim of this game in the movie was to see how people could debase themselves if enough money is offered and to recruit them of course. Other than the public humiliation, it appears there’s no dire consequence in playing Ddakji, let’s move on to the next game then.

2. Red Light, Green Light:

The Squid Game Games List
The Squid Game Games List

It is the first game of the squid game tournament and what a spectacle it was. It introduced the contestants to the reality of where they were and the risk at stake.

Red Light, Green Light as it’s called goes by different names in different parts of the world such as Statues, Grandmother’s Footsteps, etc.

It is known as “Mugunghwa kkochi pieotseumnida” in South Korea. That name is also the song sung by the creepy killer doll in Squid Game, which literally means “The Mugunghwa flower has bloomed.” It is played this way.

Players stand at the far end of a field behind a starting line while another person stands at the opposite end of the field.

The players are to cross to the opposite side of the field, moving only when the person at the opposite side shouts “Green Light” and stopping when they hear “Red Light.” Any player spotted making any movements after Red Light is called is eliminated from the game.

In the Squid Game, you are actually “ELIMINATED” (Killed). The players have just five minutes to make it across the field to the finish line without being executed. This game was used to eliminate almost half of the 456 players recruited.

Red Light, Green Light was the perfect introduction to the horrors the participants faced during the whole tournament.

3.Ppopgi/Honeycomb Candy:

The Squid Game Games List

This is the second game of Squid Game and it’s called ppogi or dalgona. It is a portion of popular Korean street food.

Locally, if the person buying the honeycomb candy manages to eat around the shape without breaking it, they get an additional free candy. This was the same in the squid game but in this case, failure meant death.

The rules of this game are simple: each player is given a tin containing a honeycomb stamped with one of four shapes; a triangle, a circle, a star, or an umbrella. Each player is supposed to remove the shape intact from the honeycomb without causing any structural damage to it.

Players are shot on sight if they fail to do so. If a player chooses a circle or a triangle, the task becomes relatively simpler as compared to choosing a star or an umbrella honeycomb. Gi Hun was able to devise a solution to the game and a select few followed suit. Honey and death, tasty and terrifying indeed.

4. Tug Of War:

The Squid Game Games List

This was one of the most intriguing of the games in the show. It is a game that is culturally significant to the South Korean indigenes. It is usually played between the western and eastern parts of villages in South Korea, especially during festivities.

The winner normally takes home a sizeable amount of the year’s harvest. The whole goal of the game is to overpower the opposing team by pulling on the rope at the same time, dragging them across the line drawn in the center between the two teams.

In the Squid Game, however, it is a kill or be killed situation, the game is held at very high ground and the rope is tied to the hands of the players.

So when your team is pulled across the line drawn at the center which is the air, you are to keep on pulling the opposing team starts falling, then a blade falls and cuts the rope losing the defeated team to their deaths.

If you have the hope of advancing and winning the coveted prize, you have no choice but to keep on moving forward.

5. Marbles:

The Squid Game Games List

This was of the saddest games of the competition to watch. The players are to pair up and play a game of marble (they can decide on the game to play themselves) with each player given a total of ten marbles to play with.

The goal is to win every marble your opponent has and of course, that meant the death for the loser. Pairing up with a friend shouldn’t have been an option for the players in this game but as usual, they were all ignorant until it became too late.

The very person they had grown very close to during the course of the competition would die at their very hands and there was nothing they could do about it.

6. The Glass Tile Game:

The Squid Game Games List

This game was inspired by hopscotch which dates back to ancient India and Rome. In this game, players are required to make their way across a glass platform made with tempered glass and a genuine one.

The goal is to avoid the part made of tempered glass as it would shatter beneath you leading to your death.
One of the players, who had experience in glassmaking could tell the difference between the shattered glass and the genuine, the organizers quickly turned the lights out to make things more difficult for him.

To make matters worse, players had only 16 minutes to make it across the glass platform else everything explodes around them and they all die.

7. Squid Game:

The Squid Game Games List

The show gets its name from the final round of the tournament, Squid Game. It was quite a popular game in the late 1970s and early 1980s in South Korea.

The game is played on a field with a square, a triangle, and two circles drawn on the ground. Then players are placed in groups of attackers and defenders.

The goal of the attackers is to cross the center of the field on one foot and then attempt to reach the square labeled “Home” at the opposite end of the field while the defenders try to stop them at all cost.

The final showdown of the Squid Game was between Gi Hun and Sang Woo, who were childhood friends and had played this game a couple of times together.

However, Gi Hun managed to overpower Sang Woo to win the prize money of W45.6 billion.

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