Thomas Barbusca Sister And Parents Make A Perfect Family Of Four

Thomas Barbusca sister Brielle Barbusca is an actress. Thomas was born to his parents Debra Re and Louie Barbusca.

Brielle is the elder sibling of Thomas, and she loves him dearly. Though they have a 5-year age gap, they know each other quite well.

Thomas is an actor from California. He started his journey as a performer in commercial advertisements and product campaigns when he was only 6.

Born in 2003 in New Jersey, he celebrates his birthday on the 3rd of March. He has a height of 5 feet 9 inches, and he is of 100 percent Italian descent.

The teenage actor entered the TV and film sector with a short role in Conan. He continued walking into the path and landed roles in Body of Proof, The New Normal, Sam & Cat, and New Girl.

Barbusca obtained stardom in 2014 as Link McNeil in Grey’s Anatomy. Next, he appeared in the Netflix TV series, We Hot American Summer: First Day Of Camp.

The actor also caught attention as Leo from Middle School: The Worst Years Of My Life. Likewise, he was featured in The Mick, One Day At A Time, and so forth.

Thomas has voiced Jayden in Ron’s Gone Wrong. Furthermore, he was recently captured as Arthur Finnerman in Luckiest Girl Alive and YouTube Sleuth #1 in Missing.

Table of Contents

– Brielle Barbusca Is An Actress
– Brielle Paved The Path For Thomas’s Career
– Brielle Is An Influencer
– Brielle Is Dating A Singer
– Thomas Family Is A Perfect One
– Mother Debra Re Barbusca
– They Celebrate Father Louie’s Birthday

Brielle Barbusca Is An Actress

Thomas Barbusca sister Brielle Barbusca is an actress notable for playing Faith in Scandal. The siblings grew up in New Jersey.

Brielle Paved The Path For Thomas’s Career

Brielle started her acting journey when he was just a toddler. She was only 5 when she acted as a kidnapped girl in 2003 Queens Supreme.

As a child actress, she resumed her career with Third Watch, The Forgotten, Hitch, Hope & Faith, and Law & Order. In 2007, she gained the spotlight for playing Jaden Kagan in the show, The Starter Wife.

The show quickly became a hit, and Brielle shot to fame. After the success, she acquired roles on projects like Modern Family, Trophy Wife, American Housewife, and the like. Her recent appearance was on S.W.A.T as Jenna.

When Brielle received the limelight in 2007, it also shone upon her family. Thomas was noticed then and brought to Los Angeles for a commercial ad shooting.

The audience adored the ginger-haired boy, and Thomas also loved acting. He then stepped into his sister’s footprints and earned recognition.

Brielle Is An Influencer

Besides being an actress, Brielle is a known influencer with thousands of followers on social media.

She keeps her fans entertained with pictures of her daily life. The lady uploads images of the movie set, dates, vacations, and more. She is present on Instagram as @briellebarbusca with 261K followers.

Brielle Is Dating A Singer

Brielle is dating a handsome man named Ethan Cutkosky; an actor turned singer.

The couple has been together since 2015, and they share firey chemistry. The two of them look good together and make a perfect couple.

Previously, Ethan was portrayed as Carl in Shameless and Barto In Unborn. He was born on 19 August 1999 and is two years younger than Thomas’s sister.

Cutkosky has an Instagram account where he shares clips of his music.

Thomas Family Is A Perfect One

Thomas Barbusca parents Debra Re and Louie Barbusca have spent 35 years together. They stayed in a long-term relationship for almost nine years and finally married in 1997.

The duo initiated courting when they were in school. Despite that, the spark and chemistry between the couple have not faded. Louie brings flowers to Debra, takes her on dates, and spoils her like a newlywed bride.

Mother Debra Re Barbusca

Thomas and his sister were born to his mother, Debra Re Barbusca. She is well-known as a celebrity family member.

Barbusca is a homemaker and a proud mother to her kids. She was the one who took her children to auditions, traveled with them to locations to ensure their safety, and took care of them.

Debra also grew up in a family of four including a sibling named Tom Re. The brother-sister duo are glued together and have each other’s backs. Tom serves as a mold authority and has expertise in the field for more than 20 years.

Re also has a beautiful sister-in-law and a nephew named Tyler. Moreover, Tyler is only 11 years old and suffers from Type 1 diabetes.

Debra And Leah Remini Have Been Friends Since 4th Grade

Thomas’s mother and actress Lean Reminihave been friends since they were children.

The two befriended each other more than four decades ago. Moreover, they have been companions since they were in 4th standard.

Lean and Debra are still best friends and spend time together. On 15 June 2021, Barbusca wished Remini a happy birthday via an Instagram post and dumped their old pictures.

They Celebrate Father Louie’s Birthday

Thomas’s father, Louie, celebrates his birthday on July 7. The family gathers around to wish for and cherish him.

Debra arranges and plans the event most of the time. The happy little family either goes for brunch, lunch, or dinner to celebrate the day.

Louie is active on Instagram as @louiebarbusca. He has 1326 followers and has made 88 posts, including pictures of his wife and children.

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