Tips On How To Build And Understand Your Relationship

How To Build And Understand Your Relationship

In the happy ever after movies, love has been painted to be as beautiful as a flower in the winter season and never is it mentioned that there are also seasons that it withers away.

It can be really hard to explain what true love is in words because it is a feeling of warmth, passion, and desire that is unconditional. In reality, love is the feeling that two people get when they willingly put aside their personal desires for the other person.

It also means loving someone hard enough to look past their imperfection. It doesn’t mean that they both don’t see each other’s fault but they choose them anyways.

So now, let’s talk about the question most ask when discussing true love [WHAT ARE SOME OF THE THINGS TO TAKE NOTE WHEN BUILDING A TRUE LOVE RELATIONSHIP].

Talking about the factors that go into experiencing true love, try the following:


Communication doesn’t come easily to everyone but love requires open and honest communication. Though everyone has some private thoughts that they might want to keep to themselves, there is nothing wrong with that

. For example, your partner promised to do the laundry but didn’t and left it to go and watch a football match with his friends. This is going to irritate you and you might want to vent out to a friend instead of picking up every little annoyance.

Remember that you can’t read each other’s minds so to help your relationship thrive, you must be available physically and mentally when it’s time for a conversation. Always learn to discuss emotions, open up on things that create conflicts, create the connection between physical and emotional intimacy, educate yourselves on relationship boundaries and read body language.


It is always easy to find somebody to tell you I LOVE YOU but finding someone who tells you that they are going to support you in everything you do is what you should look out for.

Nobody likes it when they have to leave their own uncompleted building just to build another’s or leave their chaos home to go restore peace in another’s so when you find someone who cherishes you and supports you and ain’t scared of your progress, keeps them.

Support and share ideas with this person. Never forget to appreciate them every second of your life. A supportive partner agrees to try new things with you, is committed to mutual growth, and is also willing to make sacrifices of their own just to find a solution where you both are satisfied.

Remember that a supportive partner also needs another supportive partner. Don’t make your partner’s support go down the drain. Quit lazying around and waiting for him or her to carry all the burden alone. Assist in the most helpful way that you can and build your business or relationship stronger.


A true love relationship can’t thrive without respect. A partner that respects you shows that he or she values you and your time together. They respect your choices even though they don’t agree.

Respect in a relationship means the use of polite and considerate language even during an argument, it means honesty in everything, clear and prompt communication away from the public eye, it also means setting a time for everything and not making your personal addictions the center of every quarrel.

It also means keeping your fight and quarrels in the bedroom and not inviting a third witness being it your friends or hers.


Time is more expensive than money and we all know that. A partner that loves you will always make good use of the little time that they might spend with you. A loving partner listens and takes an active interest in the details of your life.

They will listen actively by asking questions and waiting their turn to share instead of immediately diverting the conversation toward their own experience. You get the sense that they really care instead of feeling brushed off with a distracted hmm or wow, that sucks.

Whiles, they may not remember every word you say, they tend to have an idea of the things that matter most, Your likes and dislikes, hopes and fears, Your friends and your family’s relationship, and so on.

In a true love relationship partners acknowledge the bad as well as the good. When you bring up concerns or relationship problems they will consider your feelings instead of ignoring you or trying to minimize your distress.


I always say that trust is the foundation of true love. Trust comes even before love. It is the first stage of love. Trust is the sense of security that connects people to expose themselves to each other without any fear of being judged or abandoned.

It is the faith that you have in someone that they are always going to be beside you in everything and loyal to you at any time. We can only and truly love someone if we trust them. Trust is not a given it is often earned over time.

Every stage of a relationship has its challenges and that might test your trust in your partner differently each time. In order to build your trust, you must learn to communicate effectively, You must not keep secrets away from yourselves, You must let your yes be yes and no be no, You should set boundaries, You must also keep your promises, Take responsibility for your actions and not try to shift blame to a circumstance or someone else.

Don’t take love for granted, take risks together, celebrate your emotional scars together, give your partner the benefit of doubt, respond to your partner’s needs and lastly, Try trust-building activities for couples.

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