What angle should I put my solar panels?

Ideally, a fixed, roof-mounted solar energy system should be at an angle that is equal to the latitude of the location where it is installed. However, pitch angles between 30 and 45 degrees will work well in most situations.Click to see full answer. In this regard, what is the best angle for a solar panel?In this case, for the solar panels to get their best performance, a steep angle of 60° is best. During the spring the best angle is 45°, and during the summer when the sun is high in the sky, it’s best to have a low tilt at 20°!Beside above, how does angle affect solar panels? The angle of tilt increases with latitude — the further your house is from the equator, the higher your tilt angle should be. For example, in states located at lower latitudes (such as Arizona and Hawaii), the sun is higher in the sky. In these states, solar PV panels require a low tilt to capture direct sunlight. Accordingly, what is the best direction and angle for mounting a solar panel? In the northern hemisphere, the general rule for solar panel placement is, solar panels should face true south (and in the southern, true north). Usually this is the best direction because solar panels will receive direct light throughout the day.How do you adjust the angle on a solar panel? If your latitude is between 25° and 50°, then the best tilt angles are: For summer, take the latitude, multiply by 0.92, and subtract 24.3 degrees. For spring and autumn, take the latitude, multiply by 0.98, and subtract 2.3 degrees. For winter, take the latitude, multiply by 0.89, and add 24 degrees.

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