What are requirement errors What are the reasons for such errors?

Causes of Ambiguous Requirements Failure to pay attention to the information that is available or to understand correctly what is observed. Failure to remember correctly what was observed. Failure to interpret correctly the information which results in giving the wrong meaning to information.Click to see full answer. Thereof, why do errors occur in requirements engineering?These types of errors usually occur because the objectives of the solution are poorly understood, indicating that the concept of the system in problem domain was perceived wrongly. When these errors are present, the resulting requirements many be unambiguous and clear, but nevertheless wrong.Secondly, what causes software errors? The 9 Causes of software errors ( Deliberate deviations from software… 1.Faulty requirements definition. Deliberate deviations from software requirements. Logical design errors. Coding errors (too many to try to list) Client-developer communication failures. Non-compliance documentation & coding instructions. Then, what are the main error types for requirements? Prior Research: To help evaluate the feasibility of an error- based inspection, Walia and Carver (co-authors), created a preliminary classification of requirement errors by classifying errors reported in published literature into three main error types: People, Process and Documentation Errors.What are the challenges faced by software developers in determining user requirements?Some of the major challenges include requirements volatility, design process, quality issues (e.g., performance, usability, security, etc.), distributed software development, efficient allocation of human resources to development tasks, limited budgets, unreasonable expectations and schedules, fast-changing technology,

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