What are some abiotic factors in the deciduous forest?

Abiotic Factors – Temperate DECIDUOUS forest. Basic Abiotic Factors include rocks, soil, water, sunlight, climate, rain, hills, temperature, air masses.Click to see full answer. In this manner, what are some abiotic factors in the forest? Abiotic factors are the non-living components of the environment, such as air, rocks, soil, water, peat, and plant litter. Rocks. Soil (nutrients) Water (snow, rain, rivers, lakes,humidity) Air (oxygen) Sunlight. Wind. Temperature. Plant litter (plants dropped) what are 5 abiotic factors in the tropical rainforest? Abiotic: Abiotic factors of the rainforest include soil, water, rocks, light, and climate. Some of the Abiotic factors of the Amazon Rainforest are water, humidity, soil, temperature, and rocks. Furthermore, what are 10 abiotic factors in a biome? These include water, temperature, topography, light, wind and soil. The Abiotic Factor of Water. Temperature and Fire Risk. The Effects of Topography. Light in a Dark Forest. The Influence of Wind. Abiotic Aspects of Soil. What are some abiotic and biotic factors in the temperate deciduous forest? Biotic and Abiotic Decidious Trees 1. Rocks. Birch Trees 2. Soil. Oak Trees 3. Water. Eastern Chipmunk 4. Sunlight. Red Tailed Hawk 5. Air 6. Climate. Least Weasle 7. Rain. White-Tailed Deer 8. Hills. Coyote 9. Temperature.

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