What are special interest license plates?

Special Interest Plates. Special Interest license plates are available, in lieu of regular license plates, for a motor vehicle of any age which is being collected, preserved, restored, or maintained by the owner as a leisure pursuit and not used for general transportation of persons or cargo.Click to see full answer. Considering this, how do I customize my license plate in California? Part 1 of 3: Choose a personalized license plate Step 1: Visit the California DMV website. Step 2: Go to the license plates page. Step 3: Go to the personalized plates page. Step 4: Choose a plate design. Step 5: Choose a plate message. Step 6: Check the message availability. Step 1: Fill out the form. Additionally, how much are specialty plates? Passenger Vehicle Plates: Plates from $35 a year when purchased for a 5-year term. † Series 1 Year Term + 5 Year Term Personalized Up to any combination of 6 letters and numbers (must include 1 letter) $150 $450 Save 40%* Background Only Choose a background only. A random combination will be selected for you. $50 $175 Save 30%* what is a sequential license plate? The following special interest license plates are available for autos, commercial vehicles, trailers, and motorcycles. Special interest plates may be ordered in sequential (standard numbering) or personalized (custom numbers/letters) configurations.What license plates are available in California? License Plates Amateur Radio (HAM) License Plates. California License Plates, Decals, and Placards. Order Special Interest and Personalized Plates Online. California Special Interest License Plates. California Special Interest Motorcycle License Plates. Information about Personalized and Special License Plates.

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