What are the approaches to curriculum planning?

To what extent do they wish to focus on: aims and objectives (engineering approach), teaching methods (mechanics approach), content (cookbook approach), timetable (railway approach), problems (detective approach), one idea or strategy (religious approach), the regulations (bureaucratic approach), or a curriculumClick to see full answer. Hereof, what are the three approaches of curriculum? Handout. Three Approaches to Curriculum. Issue. Traditional Approach. ? Curriculum developer (publisher, state, institution) sets goals and chooses. learning experiences, evaluates, plans, ? Students articulate learning goals that. spring from their real-world roles. ? Students help plan curriculum. One may also ask, what is managerial approach to curriculum? Managerial Approach. In this approach, the principal is the curriculum leader and at the same time instructional leader who is supposed to be the general manager. Correspondingly, what are the six approaches to curriculum? Overview The six-step approach is a theoretical approach to curriculum development developed by physician educators at Johns Hopkins University Faculty Development Program for Clinical Educators. It is logical, systematic, dynamic, and interactive.What is a system approach to curriculum development?The systems approach to curriculum development. 1. The Systems Approach To Curriculum Development ? considers the major interconnected elements of inputs, throughputs(process) and outputs that comprise the educational system. Figure 1. A Typical System B Input to system A C D Output from system into another system.

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