What are the branches of the radial nerve?

The muscular branches of the radial nerve supply the Triceps brachii, Anconæus, Brachioradialis, and Extensor carpi radialis longus, and are grouped as medial, posterior, and lateral.Click to see full answer. Herein, what is the course of the radial nerve?To enter the forearm, the radial nerve travels anterior to the lateral epicondyle of the humerus, through the cubital fossa. The nerve then terminates by dividing into two branches: Deep branch (motor) – innervates the muscles in the posterior compartment of the forearm.Secondly, where is the radial nerve most likely to be damaged? The most common cause of radial nerve damage is a broken humerus, which is the bone that runs from the elbow to the shoulder. A person can also sustain radial nerve damage during surgery on the arm, or from a gunshot. Similarly, how deep is the radial nerve? The deep branch of the radial nerve winds to the back of the forearm around the lateral side of the radius between the two planes of fibers of the Supinator, and is prolonged downward between the superficial and deep layers of muscles, to the middle of the forearm.What happens if the radial nerve is damaged?Radial nerve injury may be due to physical trauma, infection, or even exposure to toxins. It often causes numbness and tingling or burning pain. It can also be painless. The condition may cause weakness or difficulty moving your wrist, hand, or fingers.

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