What are the objectives of an investigation?

According to Fischer, objective of crime scene investigation are the following: Reconstruction of the incident; determination the sequence of events; determination the method of committing the crime; disclosure of motive; revealing what offender might do; finding real evidence of a crime.Click to see full answer. Thereof, what are the objectives of investigation in auditing?In general, Auditing is conducted to verify the extent of truthfulness and fairness of the financial records of an entity, but Investigation is performed to prove a certain fact. The scope of the auditing is based on the Standards on Auditing, but the scope of the investigation rests on the terms of engagement.Beside above, what are the seven objectives of a police investigation? The seven objectives of a police investigation are as follow: 1- Crime investigation. 2-Locating and identifying suspects. 3- Locating, recording…show more content… Also Know, what is the purpose of an investigation? The purpose of the investigation is to explore in detail the allegations, to examine the evidence in depth, and to determine specifically whether academic research misconduct has been committed, and if so, the responsible person and the seriousness of the misconduct.What are the steps and characteristics of a successful criminal investigation? These skills will include: Critical Incident Response. Interpretation of criminal law and offence recognition. Crime scene management. Evidence identification and preservation. Engaging forensic tools for evidence analysis. Witness assessment and interviewing. Suspect questioning and interrogation.

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