What are the pharmaceutical uses of suspensions?

Suspension is usually applicable for drug which is insoluble or poorly soluble. E.g. To prevent degradation of drug or to improve stability of drug. To mask the taste of bitter of unpleasant drug.Click to see full answer. Besides, what are the uses of suspension? place in pharmaceutical preparation use, they are made into suspensions. Suspensions consist of a finely divided solid dispersed in a water-based liquid. Like solutions and elixirs, suspensions often contain preservatives, sweeteners, flavours, and dyes to enhance patient acceptance.One may also ask, what are the desirable properties of a good suspension? Desirable properties of suspensions are that they should have good organoleptic properties, suspensions should possess good pourability leading to ease of removal of dose from container, the particle size distribution should be uniform, there should be ease of re dispersion of settled solid particles, they should be Also know, what is a suspension medication? A suspension is a liquid with small pieces of drug. The drug is not complete dissolved in the solution. Whenever you take a suspension, you should always shake (or stir) it so that you receive the right amount of drug every time you take it.Is milk a suspension?The difference between a colloid and a suspension is that the particles will not settle to the bottom over a period of time, they will stay suspended or float. An example of a colloid is milk. Milk is a mixture of liquid butterfat globules dispersed and suspended in water.

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