What are the roles of the application management function in service operation?What are the roles of the application management function in service operation?

Application Management It is responsible for managing applications throughout their lifecycle. The Application Management function supports and maintains operational applications and also plays an important role in the design, testing and improvement of applications that form part of IT services.Click to see full answer. Also, what role does IT operations control play? ITIL IT Operations Control Objective: As defined by ITIL v3, The primary objective of IT Operations Control function is to monitor and control the IT services and their core infrastructure. This ITIL function executes day-to-day tasks supporting the operation of infrastructure components and applications.Additionally, what is service management operations? < IT Service Management. Service operation coordinates and carries out the activities and processes required to deliver and manage services at agreed levels to business users and customers. Service operation also manages the technology that is used to deliver and support services. Beside above, what are the 4 functions of ITIL? ITIL v3 defines four functions as Service Desk, Application management, Technical Management, and Operations Management.WHAT IS IT service operation?IT service operation consists of periodic activities, infrastructure, and processes that deliver value to businesses using technology.

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