What can I use to clean my golf cart windshield?

The best way to clean your golf cart windshield is with a solution of water and mild soap. Avoid using a glass cleaning product on these windshields because the ammonia in glass cleaner can cause damage to acrylic or polycarbonate materials.Click to see full answer. In respect to this, how do you clean cloudy plexiglass?To clean plexiglass, start by blowing off the large dust particles using your own breath or a blow dryer on the cool setting. Then, gently pour soapy water over the plexiglass and let it run across the surface. While the plexiglass is still wet, wipe it with a microfiber cloth to remove the dirt and grime.Subsequently, question is, how do you restore a plexiglass windshield? Step 2 – Sand the Plexiglass Step 2 – Sand the Plexiglass. Let the Plexiglass dry completely. Step 3 – Buff the Plexiglass. Now after the gritting of the sheet, apply the buffing compound to the sheet using a buffing wheel or soft cloth. Step 4 – Clean and Dry. In respect to this, how do you clean cloudy polycarbonate? Use a vinegar and water mixture. Place your foggy plastic items in the water, and let them soak for one hour. Scrub the plastic items with a damp rag until they become clear. Rinse the no longer foggy plastic in the sink under warm water. Dry with a soft cloth.How do you get scratches out of a UTV windshield? How to Repair a Polycarbonate Windshield Scratch Clean the windshield. Do not use cleaning products, such as Windex or Rain-X, that have a high amount of alcohol or ammonia. Apply a buffing compound. Make sure the compound you use is a fine grade, which is safe for plastics. Remove the compound. Wash any buffing compound off with warm water and soap.

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