What causes a balloon to remain inflated quizlet?What causes a balloon to remain inflated quizlet?

The volume of a gas increases when the temperature increases if the pressure stays the same. What causes a balloon to remain inflated? Air particles collide with the walls of the balloon.Click to see full answer. Consequently, what gas is the best choice for inflating a balloon that must remain inflated for a long time? Inert gases Also, when the temperature of a substance is lowered its particles? Terms in this set (65) Atoms in a solid material are arranged in a geometric pattern called a crystal lattice. According to the kinetic theory, all matter is composed of particles. When the temperature of a substance is lowered, it’s particles vibrate more slowly. In respect to this, what keeps a raft inflated? The pressure of the air inside the raft keeps the raft inflated. If you inflate an air raft, for example, the pressure inside the raft will increase. Collisions of particles with the inside walls of the raft result in the pressure that is exerted by the enclosed gas. By adding gas, you increase the number of particles.Why is a gas easier to compress?Gases will compress more easily than solids or liquids because there is so much space between the gas molecules.

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