What causes crankshaft pulley failure?

Similarly, if the belt tension is too strong or the auxiliary equipment has failed the pulley will also fail. The cause is linked to the coupling having made contact with the flywheel rim. When removing the pulley you will be able to see visible abrasions in the Poly-V and residue from the belt in the ribs.Click to see full answer. Consequently, why did my crankshaft pulley break?When an engine has a bearing failure, the excessive clearance can cause the crank to have a “jump rope” effect inside the engine. The crankshaft can bend severely or even break in some cases. In cases where a nitrided crankshaft is bent, it is usually not recommended to straighten.Also, what does a crankshaft pulley do? The crankshaft pulley (harmonic balancer) is mounted on the end of the crankshaft. Its purpose is to turn the drive belts that operate the engine accessories (alternator, air conditioning compressor, etc.) Accordingly, how do I know if my crankshaft pulley is bad? Bad Crankshaft Pulley Symptoms 1) Engine Vibrations. The first symptom that will likely come up are engine vibrations. 2) Alternator Failure. The crankshaft pulley is responsible for powering the alternator. 3) Power Steering Pump Failure. 4) Transmission Damage. 5) Irregular Idle Engine Speed. Can you drive with a bad crankshaft pulley?Indeed, if it’s the crank pulley and the harmonic balancer comes off with it and the engine continues to run that can damage the crankshaft. That would be very bad. Other pulleys could get distorted if a fastener is missing and in such condition could damage the drive belt riding on the pulley.

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