What color floor goes with wood walls?

For wood with reddish undertones, a sage green shade works well on the walls. If your wood flooring or furniture has golden tones, try a soft lilac shade for the walls. With gray or ashy wood, opt for a warm wall color. A soft peach or gold is an attractive option.Click to see full answer. Accordingly, what floors look good with wood walls?Installing polished-concrete floor tiles yourself can save you money. The glossy shine of this flooring goes best with flat or shine-free paneling, but if your walls are the high-gloss sort, incorporate texture with natural wood furniture, matte art and tweed upholstery.Likewise, how do I match my floor with wall paint? Here are a few tips for choosing walls to complement cherry hardwood floor: Keep It Simple With White. A crisp, clean white will create a gorgeous contrast between the white paint and the dark color on the floor. Go Green for a Beautiful Contrast. Choose a Cool Blue Shade for a Peaceful Space. Also to know is, should floors be darker or lighter than walls? A good rule of thumb is to work from the bottom up: darker hues at the bottom and lighter at the top, especially since floors are usually a darker hue than walls and ceilings are lighter than walls.What color wood floor goes with gray walls?Yes, Dark hardwood floors and gray walls are all the rage these days. Dark hardwood flooring (e.g. ebony, espresso, jacobean, dark walnut) is #1 for floors and gray paint is #1 for walls. So, I thought it would be helpful to put together some great furniture choices to complement this dark flooring/gray paint combo.

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