What color is Elephant’s Breath?

gray Click to see full answer. Also to know is, what Colour is Elephants Breath? grey Also, what Colours go with moles breath? TIP: pair Mole’s Breath with Wevet and Strong White, for a softer feel. If you’re looking for a scheme that’s a little darker & bolder, pair Mole’s Breath with Purbeck Stone and Railings. Mole’s Breath is a popular colour for kitchen and bathroom accents. Beside this, what Dulux Colour is like elephants breath? Also , some people say that Dulux Mellow Mocha is similar to Elephants Breath but again is lighter. B&Q valspar paints have loads of choices. Sandersons Boulder White is a pale grey that also works with brown/taupe tones.What Colour is skimming stone? A warm light grey This stony off white takes its name from a 19th century skim, or plaster colour, but often reminds us of childhood afternoons skimming stones. With its warm light grey undertones, Skimming Stone is extremely versatile and particularly suited to soothing bedroom schemes.

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