What companies do Mary Kate and Ashley own?

In March 2012, both Mary-Kate and Ashley officially indicated their interest to retire as actresses in order to focus on their careers in the fashion industry. She and her twin sister co-founded luxury fashion brands The Row, Elizabeth and James, and more affordable fashion lines Olsenboye and StyleMint.Click to see full answer. Accordingly, what fashion company do the Olsen twins own?Mattel produced various sets of Mary-Kate and Ashley fashion dolls from 2000 to 2005, along with separate outfits and accessory packs. The sisters became co-presidents of Dualstar on their 18th birthday in 2004.Also Know, are Olsen twins billionaires? In 2018, Mary-Kate and Ashley have an estimated net worth of more than $400 million. Their fashion empire is worth an estimated $1 billion and they have been labeled as “America’s Next Billionaires” by Newsweek. As actors, the Olsen Twins have won four Young Artist Awards and two Kids’ Choice Awards. Similarly, it is asked, who owns the Mary Kate and Ashley movies? Dualstar Type Private Limited liability company Industry Fashion, Entertainment Founded Los Angeles, California, U.S. (1993) Headquarters Culver City, California, U.S. Key people Mary-Kate Olsen, CEO Ashley Olsen, CEO Are Mary Kate and Ashley still rich?In 2004, both Mary-Kate and Ashley took control of Dualstar, becoming joint-CEOs and presidents of the company, which at the time had its merchandise being carried in over 3,000 stores in America and 5,300 stores worldwide. In 2004, Olsen’s wealth was estimated at $137 million.

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