What criminal convictions can be used to impeach a witness?

Rule 609 provides that, with certain restrictions, a witness may be impeached witrh evidence of two kids of criminal convictions: (1) felonies, regardless of their nature; and (2) misdemeanors involving crimes of dishonesty and false statement, such as check deception and perjury.Click to see full answer. In this way, what can be used to impeach a witness?In the US, a party has the option of discrediting a witness through impeachment by cross-examining the witness about facts that reflect poorly on the witness’s credibility or, in some cases, by introducing extrinsic evidence that reflects negatively on the witness’s truthfulness or knowledge.Secondly, can you impeach a witness with hearsay? Whether or not an out-of-court statement is hearsay depends on the purpose for which it is offered. If offered only to impeach (i.e., discredit) a witness, then it is by definition not hearsay. Cross-examination is the questioning of a witness at a trial or hearing by the opposing party. In this manner, what types of crimes are automatically admissible to impeach a witness? Dishonesty and false statement. When may evidence of misconduct that has not resulted in a criminal conviction be used for impeachment of a witness?Can a convicted felon be a witness?A convicted felon can testify as a witness, but his prior criminal history may be introduced to show that he is not a credible witness.

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