What decile is Avondale College?

Avondale College, Auckland Avondale College Color(s) Black and white School roll 2773 (March 2019) Socio-economic decile 4J Website www.avcol.school.nz Click to see full answer. Likewise, people ask, what decile is Kaipara College? Kaipara College Address School roll 828 (March 2019) Socio-economic decile 7O Website kaiparacollege.school.nz is Avondale College a good school? Welcome to Avcol 2019 Avondale College provides an outstanding quality of education within one of New Zealand’s biggest and best secondary schools. Our coeducational college has all the advantages of size yet offers all the warmth , encouragement and intimacy of a small school. what is a decile 1 school? A school’s decile indicates the extent to which the school draws its students from low socioeconomic communities. Decile 1 schools are the 10% of schools with the highest proportion of students from low socio-economic communities. This system was implemented in 1995. Its exact nature has changed since then.What decile is Rosehill College? Rosehill College Address Principal Sue Blakely School roll 1698 (March 2019) Socio-economic decile 5M

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